I Am Resolved – The Hymn

We are living in difficult times. But God has not changed. We can trust Him. We must continue to push forward, spreading the good news that Jesus saves, heals, delivers and is our soon coming King!  The Northside Baptist Church performs this beautiful song.
If you enjoy the Heaven’s Hymns, I believe you should check out my Short Devotionals as well. I shared a dream that I had about our food supply. You can find them at: https://www.facebook.com/YourFriendLanadee/ Please check them out!
I remain your friend,

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Two Dreams and a Pop Song – Another Short Devotional


The other morning I awakened to a significant dream and as I began to write it down and seek the Lord for the interpretation, I fell asleep again, only to dream a second time. I also kept hearing a song. I will tell you about it. I recorded the song at the end of today’s Short Devotional 

Your friend,


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The King Is Coming – Cover Song

Someone noted that the first verse of that song describes how it is now,while living through this corona virus pandemic. The Lord knows what we are going through. It won’t be long before this world will pass away, all things will be new..because the King IS coming. Keep looking up!


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When I See The Blood – The Hymn


When I see the Blood – A Hymn that reminds me that because of the Blood of Jesus, we can be saved, we can be healed, and we can be delivered. During this uncertain time with the Coronavirus spread throughout the world, Jesus LOVES us. Call upon His Name. He is ABLE! This virus does not scare HIM and it shouldn’t scare us.


I am praying for you my friends.  We need to pray for each other!

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Life and Death? TIME TO FIGHT!

It’s about Life and death! It’s time to fight! With a little fun along the way 
The other day I had a vision. I would like to share it with you. God still hears and answers prayer! Proverbs 18:21 21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.


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Count Your Blessings – The Hymn

Even if the sun is not shining, the SON of God can shine in your heart! Count your blessings. God is alive and wants to be Lord of YOUR life. Then you too, will see what the Lord has done! He loves you.


Your friend,  lanadee


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Ten Thousand Reasons Cover Song

Bless the Lord oh my soul
Oh my soul
Worship His Holy name
Sing like never before
Oh my soul
I’ll worship Your Holy name

He is WORTHY! Sing and worship with me to this song. He IS Worthy!!!

Your friend,


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How to Know God’s Will in 13 Minutes Part 2

Does God still speak to His children today? It is His desire to lead us each step of the way. Part 2


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I Am His and He is Mine – Heavens Hymns

I AM HIS AND HE IS MINE, a beautiful hymn, written by GEORGE WADE ROBINSON (1838–1877) It has blessed my heart. I hear the phrase over and over ” I am HIS, and HE is MINE.” If you do not know this Hymn, I hope you add it to your list of beloved Hymns. Be blessed!
Your friend,

The brilliant pianist: Johannah Miller who also arranged this hymn. Check out her page on YouTube and purchase her arrangement 🙂

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Finding Our Way to a Healed Heart

If you have  followed any of my posting, you will know that finding and fulfilling God’s will in my life is my heart’s greatest desire.  Ever since I gave my heart and life to the Lord I wanted to do “something” for him.  But, many times all I could really do was to pray.  It has taken years for me to realize the “greatest” thing we can do is pray.  By praying, we can turn everything important, every thing that matters to us, every NEED, to Jesus.  But to do that we need to have a clean heart.  The Bible says:

Psalm 66:18-20 

18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:

19 But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer.

20 Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.

We must learn to forgive others who have hurt us.  We must seek God to release our hearts from the pain, and those who have hurt us from our accusations.   And the hardest?  We must FORGET.    Then we can truly intercede for this lost and dying world.

This is NOT as easy as it sounds.  That is why we need the Holy Spirit to help us.

I remain your friend,


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A Sunday Morning Blessing

this song makes me cry each time I hear it.  My prayer for all our children today. They are growing up in a world of wickedness, unlike anything we experienced when we were children. May the Lord remind you that HE IS still on the throne. Pray for your children. Pray for your grandchildren. May you have a blessed Sunday!!

I remain your friend, lanadee



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Where Could I Go but to the Lord? Written in 1940 by James Buchanan. The inspiration for the song came when Mr. Buchanan was sitting beside a dying neighbor, an old African-American man, Joe Keyes. Mr. Coats asked Mr. Keyes if he knew where he would spend eternity. Joe Keyes said “Where could I go but to the Lord?”

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My life as a a caretaker


It was nearing Thanksgiving and I decided to go visit my daughter and her family in Missouri.  I managed to get my
sister-in-law, Diane, to stay at the house with my mother.
I love to cook and so volunteered to make the Thanksgiving Dinner for my daughter. 


Early the next morning, I received an urgent call from Diane.  She had gone in her room to check on her and she was not well at all and so decision was made to call 911. Before long, my mother was unresponsive.  E.M.T.s decided to transport her to the hospital.  I got Michael up, hurriedly threw our clothes in the suitcase, said my goodbyes and drove the 6.5 hours home.


 During the drive I received a call from the paramedics who were trying to figure out what had happened to my mother and what medication she had taken. They became angry with me because I couldn’t tell them the exact dosages of her medication, and I explained I was driving home from Mo. and didn’t think to bring her medications list with me!


I arrived to an all but vacant hospital because of the holiday weekend.  My mother was unconscious, and they believed she had suffered a heart attack.  I stood at her bedside and
began to cry and pray.  I did not want her to leave this earth like this.   I sat all night in the waiting room and visited as often as they would let me.


And then she woke up.  I was overjoyed! I held her hand and was thrilled that she had come out of the coma.  They talked about sending her to a nursing home that also had a rehab
unit.   I told  her about this and  that I loved her.


The next day I put a call into her personal doctor.
At this time the hospital had assigned a house doctor to her, but I just had to talk to him to find out what to do.
He came in, looked at her chart and at her and took me aside.  The Dr. said “If this were my own mother my advice would be the same.  She is too sick to go through heart surgery and recovery.  Let her go.”    I was broken hearted but knew his advice was sound. 
After the Dr. left, my mother said, “I trust you honey, whatever you decide.”

It was breaking my heart!  I knew there was the possibility that surgery might help, but the doctor was convinced it
wouldn’t, and that her last days on earth would be days of misery.  I felt like the worst daughter on earth!


As I was sitting in her room thinking about what to do, the Lord prompted me to ask her if she was prepared to meet Him, if she were to die.  I didn’t want to ask her that!  Afterall, hadn’t she become a Christian when she was young? But I obeyed.   Her answer surprised me.   She said
no, she honestly did not know if she was prepared to meet the Lord if she were to die.  I said, “Mom, you CAN
know.  Do you want me to pray with
you?”  She said yes.

I was so glad I obeyed.  No matter what happened, I would see her again one day in Heaven!




When my mother recovered enough to be moved, she was taken to a nursing home.  Her insurance allowed her one month of “rehab” before she would have to be private pay.  She could no longer walk very well on her own and she readily agreed to go.  I felt terrible having to take her there, but she ended up having the time of her life.   Her meals
were brought to her, she was bathed, cared for, they came when she pushed a button and they had bingo!   My
mother became a social butterfly.  She loved the people and they loved her. 


One day mother handed me two folded dollars; she wanted me to take them.  It was her winnings from bingo that day.  She was having a great time attending the activities the center held. I came over every day after work, I felt our time was short and I just did not want to lose her again.
Those two dollars?   I still have them in my wallet. 

Mother’s month was coming to an end and we had to decide what to do.  At this point her body was swelling from the fluids her heart could no longer remove, due to her congestive heart failure.  I told her I wanted to bring her home the next week as her month would be over.  She responded, “Now honey, let’s not be too hasty”.  


The night before her “month” was up, and she would become private pay, my mother passed away.   I would not be bringing her home after all.  She now lived in her Heavenly home.




I had been a caretaker for 60 years.  And now I found myself without a mother or a father I gave all her remaining
belongings to my siblings and Salvation Army.
I did not want anything around to remind me of her or my
father.  I did not want to grieve.  I would say to those who asked me why I kept nothing for myself? “I don’t want anything to remind me of them; I don’t need anything to
remind me, I lived it!  Now I want to forget it.


But that wasn’t true.  I had two dreams of my mother.  In the first one, she was coming out of my bedroom and I stopped her and hugged her.  I asked her if she was tired and if she would like to lay down. This dream made me sad because I missed her, but also laugh because those
words never came out of my mouth when she was alive.
I was always asking her to get up, come out of her room and move a little!


In the second dream I saw my mother in my living room.
She looked just like she did when she was young.
Her hair was dark, curly and flowing down her back.
She was in a hurry to get somewhere.
She had things to do!   I believe the Lord allowed me to dream that, to know she was in Heaven and having
a wonderful time.


As I was taking out the Christmas decorations that year, I found a surprise. I had thought I had given everything of my mother’s away. But I found a box of little ornaments tucked away, in the back of the closet.  They were from my mother’s
little tree.  That year I bought my own little tree and hung those ornaments in her honor. I also went out and added to her collection. I missed her.





I began to take inventory of my life and realized I was OLD! Well, certainly older than when I first made plans for my life.  I had lived my entire life taking care of my parents and now what good were my dreams that I had held onto all those years? I now had health issues of my own.  I suspect that the years of living with my parent’s secondhand smoke has affected my lungs.  So, some days I could sing, and most days I could not. It didn’t really matter, because most churches had stopped allowing people to sing “specials”, and choirs were just about non-existent. There was  nowhere to sing anyway. Besides, who would want to listen to anything I had to say, now that I was old?
This revelation hit me like a ton of bricks.  I felt that life and God, had passed me by.

I would just get comfortable in my chair and watch a lot of TV. I slept in. I had looked, longed, wished, wept and believed that I would find myself in full-time ministry ever since I was 14 years old, but here I sat.
There were those along the way who tried to encourage me, reminding me that God can use us at any age, but I decided I would just relax a little, I had earned it.  


The Bible says “Romans 8: 38-39. “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,  Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able o separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Certainly my disappointment in life could not.
I still loved Him and couldn’t stand being angry with the Lord. It was not long before God spoke to me again. 






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If ever this world needed prayer it is now, especially in America. Our country is being torn apart by the left wing radicals, One of the finest Presidents ever to be elected is being attacked and they are attempting to remove him.

God is STILL on His throne. He hears and answers prayer. SO PRAY PEOPLE, PRAY  

Do you want someone to talk to ?  Do you want prayer?  Write me at:  [email protected]


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 One morning during my devotion time with the Lord, I heard him clearly say, “Live unsettled!”
He continued, “Live unsettled. Don’t sink too deep into the soil of this earth.  Keep your head up and your feet moving. Stay alert and be sober. I am coming.
The day of My return is at hand. Loose yourself of anything that hinders. If you don’t loose yourself, I’ll help loose you.”

Friends, it’s time to start moving once again! Every one of us is called to live life here on this planet as nomads. We are nothing more than pilgrims passing through. This world is not your home. Live life unsettled!

Get rid of the excess baggage that hinders your walk with the Lord. Allow the Holy Spirit to take a personal inventory of your life. Follow David’s example and pray, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties;
and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Ps. 139:23-24).

Whatever He puts his finger on, shed it immediately! Become a master of letting go. Lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily entangles so that you can keep
moving forward.

As you begin to move, you’ll likely discover those hidden treasures the Lord has laid up for you—gifts you didn’t know you had or haven’t accessed in some time. These spiritual gifts flourish as you get moving.

Alongside these gifts, you’ll uncover words He has sown into you that you have long forgotten. Those precious promises may have passed from your mind, but not His.
He is not a man that He should lie. What He has spoken to you, you can be assured He will deliver.

Living unsettled has played a large part of the success we’ve seen over the past 30 years. Our feet are always moving, our eyes fixed ahead, and our ears always
attentive to the Lord’s command. Time is short; there is no time to waste. Let go; start moving. Live unsettled.

Evangelist Steve Hill preached the Brownsville Revival for five years, was pastor emeritus of Heartland World Ministries 

 Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at:   [email protected]





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Finding God’s Will in 13 Minutes – Part 1

Are you confused as to what God’s will for your life might be?  Many are and wonder if they have “missed” God.  You can find God’s will in just 13 minutes – Another Short Devotional Part 1

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at:  [email protected]

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For What Earthly Reason – Heavens Hymn

Dottie Rambo was one of my most favorite song writers.  She wrote many wonderful songs, among them, the song I sang more than any other:  We shall behold Him. I was asked to sing that song at many funerals.    It was not only the most Heaven minded song I knew, it was also the hardest to sing.  My speaking voice will affirm the fact that I am a soprano by shear desire, more than natural ability. 🙂

With that thought in mind, let me present a song that Dottie also wrote, that has blessed my heart.   At nearly 69 years of age, the vocal cords do not always cooperate, but singing is one of my favorite things to do. I hope the words minister to your heart as well.  Until next time I remain your friend,


For What Earthly Reason

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 Occasionally, I wanted it to be my turn to do what I wanted.  I had an opportunity to go away to a lake on Mother’s Day and I didn’t want to tell my mother where I was going. I was over at their house several times before the weekend.  “why can’t you come over here on Mother’s Day?” she asked.   “I’m a mother too!” I responded.  I just didn’t want her to know that I was going to be with Michael’s family on a lake.  We would be with his mother and she would be jealous.

Michael and I got up early, and without a call to my mother, headed out.  I had a fantastic day.  We had a great carry-in and stayed for most of the day.   When I came home, I saw my answering machine blinking.  It said I had 7 messages.  The first message I listened to was from my brother Bill.  He said “Lana, do not listen to the messages on your machine.  Call me immediately!”.

  I called Bill and he told me that my father had passed away.  My mother had been calling my house all morning to say that my father was hanging off the edge of his bed and she couldn’t wake him and didn’t know what to do.   If it hadn’t been for my son coming home, my dad might have laid there until I came home.   Jeff told his grandmother to call 911.

I cried; I was in shock!  I never went anywhere!  But the one time I did?  My father passes away.   I rushed over to my mother’s house to find her walking in circles. She had finally called my brother who had contacted a funeral home, planned the funeral and arranged to have my father buried in Milwaukee Wisconsin; all while I was having a good time at the lake.  Now, what would I do with my mother?


 Life without my dad was a nightmare for my mother, and it was no picnic for me.  She had never been on her own.  She hadn’t paid a bill, filed her own taxes or even knew which bank her money was in. My dad had liked it that way.  Whenever he got upset with her, he would take all the money from one bank and put it in another, without her being any the wiser.  I had my job cut out for me.

The first time I did her taxes, I found out that my father had claimed she was “legally blind” so that he wouldn’t need her there to sign the paperwork.  I took her to an eye doctor only to find out she had at one time suffered a stroke in her eye.  Mother had gone so long without proper fitting dentures she could no longer wear them at all.   I bought her clothes, purchased her groceries and came over every day.

Everywhere I looked I saw my father. They had lived in two separate living rooms. and watching two separate TV’s. They each had a bedroom on opposite ends of the house, yet everywhere we would look there were memories of him.  My mother had sat in her chair for so long, she could barely stand, so I took charge or removing all his personal effects.

Mother was getting handy with infomercial shopping.  One day I intercepted a box as I was walking up her driveway to mow the lawn.  Something prompted me to open it.  It contained a diet pill.  As a diabetic, this pill would have really messed with her body.  I came up with a scathingly brilliant idea.  I took the box home, opened the bottle and replaced the diet powder with gelatin capsules.  I also made a fake information sheet.  It said: “This pill should not be taken by anyone with diabetes.  It could cause death or worse!”  I brought the box back the next day and handed it to her.  She wasn’t interested in opening it then, but I did notice her nails looked amazing after a few weeks.

Mother also wanted to drive.  THAT could not happen, so I confiscated her van the day my father passed away. She was not happy with me!  I told her I did not want her to get lost again.

For the first few weeks I shopped for her, paid her bills, took her to the doctor, made up her pills, cleaned her house and did anything else she could or would not do for herself, but then a neighbor called me. She told me that my mother was trying to get her to purchase OTC medication for her.  It was clear; she would not be able to live alone.  I was going to have to get her to live with me.


 It took a lot of convincing, but I persuaded my mother to allow me to sell her home and move into my back bedroom.  She would have her own bathroom and I would hook up cable in her room, put in a phone, make her meals etc. I would get her a home health aide to help her with showering.

 Mother finally consented, but not before I told her how much it would help me if she bought the groceries for the house. That seemed to do the trick and she reluctantly moved in. Her only assigned job was to wash her clothing.

After my father passed, I naïvely looked forward to my mother’s new life!  I was certain that finally, after nearly 60 years of mental abuse and emotional trauma, my mother would feel free!   She would find peace in her heart and life and begin to live her remaining years here on this earth.   I had no way of knowing that our relationship was about to change completely and not in a positive way.

My mother had been a victim for so many years that she knew no other way to live. She now resented me and fought me at every step.   I believe her old life had somehow excused her from all responsibility, and now she missed it and the attention it brought.

 I would come home after a long day at work and make supper.  I asked her to come sit with me.  She wouldn’t. no matter how much I tried to coax her.  I asked her to watch TV with us in the living room.  She refused.  Mother basically stayed in her room every day, all day and slept.  She would only begrudgingly walk out of her room to retrieve her medication that I put together for her each week.  Mother said she didn’t want to eat my meals and get as fat as me, so I attempted to make her food she would eat. I know that she was in deep depression, mourning the man she could not live with.  And now she needed to find a new abuser in order to retain her victim status, and that person was me.

Mother would call her sister and my sister-in-law to tell her tale of woe.  She now was angry and upset that I controlled her pills and she told them she no longer wanted to live.  I was beginning to dislike her.  A LOT.

I now was her abuser She was the victim.  My father was the reason for her unhappiness before, but when he died, she had no one to blame for all her problems.  She decided that person could be me!  I was now the reason for her pain. And this  nearly sent me over the edge.


 While listening to podcasts on the internet I came across one that caught my interest.  GNC (Geek News Central) The ease in which the podcast was produced; the interesting subject matter captivated me.  One day Todd introduced his mother Cherie, who shared her own personal story, and I was hooked.   An idea formed in my mind and next thing I knew?  I put up my own website and decided to tell “my story”.  I wanted to produce my own podcast!

I wanted to do this.  I needed to do this, in order to escape the frustrations of having my mother live with me.  I would sit on my bed and shut the door while I talked into the microphone.  It took me nearly a week to produce one podcast because I wrote every word I said.  But I loved every minute of it.

It helps to talk about what we are going through.  And boy did I talk!  I am still talking about my life.  And believe it or not, it still helps.



While I could not get my mother to enter my world, I could on occasion, enter hers.  For whatever reason I would not sit in her room with her.  She would invite, me but because of my stubbornness, and the fact that I worked all day and wanted to sit in my chair, I refused.  I was more of a maid then I was a daughter.  On the occasion I would sit down with her, she would upset me. I took good care of her.  I just did not want to spend more time with her then necessary.

We found one area that was neutral ground.  Shopping.  My mother loved the Christmas decorations and so she would go with me to Walmart just to look around.  One day she decided to purchase her own little tree and decorate it.  We made many trips to Walmart and bought everything from tinsel to tiny “socks”, bells and  glass hummingbirds.  It made her happy and it made me happy as well.  I still remember those shopping trips fondly.

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Merry Christmas! God’s Gift to you – His Son! I know December 25th has past, but the significance of this event has not. God orchestrated it all.


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Tis the season…but if you find yourself upset because of what others have said done or continue to do to you, FORGIVE! Only forgiveness can bring you the joy and peace that Jesus will bring to you if you do. Remember the reason for the season: JESUS!

I remain your friend,




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The first thing I had to do was to find a doctor who would be willing to treat my
mother and understand my father. I found just the one. I made a consultation appointment and laid out my mother and father’s 
problems.  I was careful not
to make it my doctor.   The Dr. was an angel of mercy, and he thanked me for preparing him for what he was about to inherit.  I then had to go with my mother to her appointments.  I upset her whenever I shared information from her past.
But I wanted her to know there would be no more secrets. Not with this doctor.


So once again, I became my mother and father’s caretaker. I did my best to keep them at arm’s length, but no one’s arms are that long!  First there was the issue of my mother’s driving.  My father said she steered but he told her where and how to drive. I knew there was some truth to that.

Once, for some reason I can no longer remember, or choose to forget, they came to visit me before the move. On the way from Milwaukee, my mother missed her turn on the 80/90 bypass.  My father yelled, and without looking or thinking, my mother veered into the path of an oncoming semi, trying to get to the turnoff.  My father said “my door was ripped off and I felt the wind from the
semi tire on my leg.  I thought we were a goner!”


We received a call to pick them up and Michael drove a couple hours to get them, along with their dog.  Their car was totaled, and they were covered with glass from head to toe when they arrived. They stayed with me for days and the stress of having them in the home gave me the incentive to start walking. It was a smart way to get out of the house and as a result I lost 60 lbs.!


One day at work, I got a call from my mother.  They were fighting about her wanting to take the car and drive alone to a hairdresser a few short miles away.  I had to get off the phone so told her to just go ahead.  Hours later no one knew where she was.  Mother had left the hairdresser and never arrived home.
What could I say to my father?   I panicked when I realized it was my fault she was lost!  I began to pray and pray, storming heaven to find my mother.
A short time later I got a call from her.  She had been lost for sure.  She didn’t know what to do so she stopped the car and just sat there.  Out of the blue, a young man pulled up alongside her and asked if she was lost. He then proceeded to “lead her home”.  What a mighty God we serve! I always felt that an angel was sent in response to my prayer!



Having my parents back in my life was beyond stressful, but not without its unique moments. Like the time they decided to go to church with me.
Despite how they made me feel, my parents were proud of me.  One Sunday I sang a solo and at the end?  My father stood to his feet and said to a congregation of hundreds of people, “that’s my daughter!”.  I crawled off the stage.  On another Sunday my father went to shake the pastor’s hand and said, “hell of a sermon pastor, hell of a sermon!”.   I never knew what he would do next.  But was pleased to see something was happening in his heart.  I could never remember him going to church my whole life, so his new interest had to be good.


I occasionally took my mother with me to the store, but I rarely saw my father
alone.  That is, unless something was causing him to be angrier than usual and he wanted my help to “put her away”.   My father still liked to control my mother and had, on occasion taken her pills.  She would call the Dr. to try and get more. This time he told her no and said that he wanted me to take charge of her medication.  If I refused, he wouldn’t treat her. She called me and told me so.

I was so upset.  My father would not like my interference, that is for sure.  I went to bed that night and had all but decided I would not do it.




That night I had a dream about two small children.  They were in a dangerous place filled with barbed wire and broken glass.  I felt sorry for the children and then the devil appeared.  He was intent on harming the children. I scooped them in my arms and miraculously, we were in a beautiful meadow filled with bright yellow daisies.  I put down the children and the devil appeared once again.
I stood to my feet and with authority told him to GO!  He was not to harm the children, and with that, I woke up.

That morning while showering, I began to pray and asked the Lord about the dream.  He spoke clearly to my heart and said, “The children in your dream are
your parents.  The devil means to harm them.  But you can help them.
It is your choice, however.  If you decide you no longer wish to help them, you do not have to.”  I knew I could not say no, I did love them even if I didn’t want to
continue being responsible for them.


I called the Dr’s office that very day, and took over my mother’s medication.
That released anger in my father like I had never experienced.
He would scream at me and slam the door in my face, but I ignored his
outbursts.  I told him that I loved him and mother, and only wanted to help.  I
also came to realize that much of his anger towards me was because he was
so fearful.  If I helped him to find a solution for his problem, he seemed to be less angry.




I will never forget opening the door and there he stood, my father.  He was visibly upset so I asked him to sit down at the kitchen table so that we could talk.  My father poured out his heart to me as tears streamed down his face.
He knew his life was a mess and he wanted to get things straightened out.
I told him about God’s love for hm and His desire to come into his heart and life.  There and then, he prayed the sinner’s prayer with me. He repeated after me: “dear Jesus, I am sorry for my sins. Please come into my heart and forgive me for my sins.  I want to serve you with the rest of my life.  I want you to be Lord of my life.  In Jesus Name, Amen.”


My dad laughed with me, and he cried with me.  For the next few weeks he came over to my house. We talked about the Bible and his desire to do what was right. For a very short time I had a dad!  He loved me and I loved him.  We hugged. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. My dad asked Jesus into his heart!  I loved being with him!



I called my mother to share the good news.  She didn’t believe a word I said.  She said that it was all an act.  I shared everything with her.  I told her about the time we sat at the kitchen table, sharing the Word of God. The times of prayer.  And how excited I was to have a real dad, for the first time in my life. Nothing I said made a difference, she wouldn’t believe me.  I suspected that she felt threatened, her position as the abused woman was threatened.  If he changed who could she blame for the choices she made?


 And then, about three weeks later, I lost my dad once again.  Little by little, the light faded in his eyes. His fears returned and My dad suffered another mental breakdown and ended up in the hospital.   My heart was broken.  I couldn’t help him.  He once again slipped away.  But this I knew; the Lord heard His prayer.  I
knew, in those few short weeks of sanity, my father, my DAD had become one of
God’s children.  No matter what happened in the future, I knew the man inside of that madman would spend eternity with God.




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Repent Thou Glutton – yes YOU lanadee :)

Do we have to repent for eating a candy bar? Sometimes you do 🙂

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God is NOT finished with you. He is capable of removing things in our lives that hinder us from being all God wants us to be. Don’t give us on yourself, because God hasn’t!! Keep looking up. ❤

Do you have a problem or situation you would like to talk about? Write me at [email protected]

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 Even though Michael had a B. A. in Bible and Pastoral, he hadn’t thought about
getting a Ministry license until it was suggested to him by the Missionaries.
Michael did not feel a calling to be a minister, just a desire to be a helper, but I was proud of him and thought this was the beginning of the ministry I had so longed for since I first became a Christian.  I would finally be a pastor’s wife.  I
would be able to pursue a singing ministry.  The possibilities seemed endless!

We loved the people at the Eloy church, but there were times when we did not see eye to eye with the Missionaries.   We knew that we should leave, but wondered what our family and friends would think about our returning from Arizona so soon.   It was then we heard about a church up in Holbrook, Arizona that had just lost their Missionary.

  The Holbrook church was in the city, not far from the Navajo Indian Reservation.  We were interviewed by the former pastor’s wife and a few people who made up the church board. Next thing we knew, we were leaving Eloy.

We had not expected such an outpouring of love from the people. They were always so very shy and quiet, and it was a poor church. Yet, they pooled together their money and jewelry. They gave us an offering that not only surprised us, it
surprised the Missionary couple.   It was not easy to leave but we knew we had to. We spent 2 ½ years in Eloy. 

 Our time in Holbrook was both rewarding and difficult.  The church could not afford to pay us, but a few dollars, so Michael took a job as a substitute teacher during the week.  I stayed home and cared for the kids.  I also would care for the church people who would stop by our trailer during the day for prayer, or to ask for help.  

Two ladies routinely dropped by just at the time I would put the kids down for their naps.  It made me very upset.  I even posted a sign outside the trailer door saying, “Nap time, please do not knock”, but that didn’t seem to matter.
We were to find out later that the ladies were very unhappy to have lost
their former Pastor and his wife.  And we were being put to the test, so to speak, to see if we would measure up.

One day after coming over for prayer, I found myself excluded from their prayer time.  They began praying in the Navajo language and turned their backs on me.
So, I began praying alone, asking the Lord to tell me what to do.  All at once I had a vision.  I believe it was my first vision and so it surprised me.  I saw a Kachina Doll, hidden in the corner of one of their homes.  The Lord told me that the two ladies were mixing tribal religion with their Christianity, and if they wanted the Lord to help them with their problem, they would have to get rid of the Kachina doll and serve the one true God. 

 I interrupted the ladies and told them what God had showed me. They stopped praying and with wide eyes, began to cry.  I prayed with the ladies at that point for strength to do what God said to do.  That was the last time they came over during the day while the children were asleep, and the beginning of a true relationship with the people of the church.




 Michael began to realize that his true passion was ministering to the children, so he began taking the children in the back of the church to teach them, while
I began ministering to the people in the main service.  I was thrilled!  I loved the
Bible study and preparation time, but it was difficult doing so, with two babies
at home.   

Sunday nights were up for grabs.  Our crowds were never big, but Michael and I would take turns speaking. The smallest service we ever had consisted of one little lady who could not speak or understand English.  It was a very short service.


 Nearly every Sunday night following the service, a group of people would come over to our tiny 8’ wide trailer.  They would sit everywhere!  I would serve
popcorn and punch.  We enjoyed the fellowship.  One evening a Navajo lady named  Janet and her husband told us that they lived in a doublewide. I was pleasantly surprised; so much more room!   We made plans to go to their house the next Sunday night.  Unfortunately,  it just wasn’t the same. Everyone just sat there without talking, so we all came back to our home the very next week.  We did that every week until we left Holbrook.




 The church was growing slowly, and thanks to a non-Indian couple that began
to attend and pay tithes to the church, money began flowing into the offering
plates.  This does not sound that important, unless your weekly salary from the church is under $10.00 a week.  Word got back to the former Missionary’s wife and she became angry.  She called and threatened to have us removed because we allowed “white” people to attend an Indian church.  I know now, that she was trying to ensure that the Indian Church and it’s people would not be swallowed up and “cease” being a church for the Indiana people. 

I was shocked!  I remember our conversation was loud and angry.  Afterward
I cried myself to sleep.   There was no need to worry, however.  It
wasn’t long afterward that the white couple had to move because of health issues. I lost a real friend and a “grandma” to my children.

 Michael had always suffered from allergies, asthma and other health issues.
Even at college, there were times when he just could not catch his
breath, and that would scare us.  It seemed unless he was having an attack at the time we visited the doctor, they did very little to help him.

 It now seemed that Michael had traded Midwestern allergies for Arizonian
allergies. He was now allergic to tumbleweed and sagebrush.    His health did not improve while in Arizona like we had hoped.  This, and the struggles we
were now having financially, convinced us it was time to leave.    We said our tearful goodbyes and came back home to Elkhart, IN.

 I was devastated.  All my Christian life I had wanted to be in what I considered full time ministry, but Michael’s heath was at stake. Our stay in Holbrook lasted two years.




It was exciting to be returning home.  Julie and Jeffrey loved the thick, green grass.  It was really the first time they were able to experience it.  And Michael’s family was happy to have us back.  Michael found those 4 ½ years in Arizona had made working at a trailer factory again, out of the question. He lasted only one day.  He would have to find other, less physical work.  His next job was at a machine shop but the oil in the air caused him a lot of asthma.  We knew we would have to find gainful employment, so as soon as our son Jeffrey entered kindergarten, I looked for a job.

Our life now became more routine.   We raised our children, worked a variety of jobs and bought several homes, each one putting us in a better location to raise our children near the school that was reportedly the best.  We also wanted
to live closer to the church we were attending.  Life was good!  My children
were active in school activities and church.  Michael taught children’s church each Sunday and I sang every chance I got.  I was part of a great church
choir and took on the job as youth choir director.  I sang for women’s gatherings and for many, many funerals.  It wasn’t the full-time ministry I had always dreamed of, but I kept hoping, praying and waiting.




I knew that things were difficult for my mother and father but what could I do?
I continued to take the phone calls that made it clear; life wasn’t any better.  Mother was still taking more medication than she should, and father was as difficult as ever.  I would try to encourage her and was sympathetic.
I prayed for them.  But I felt helpless.  Then I received a phone call from my father.  He told me that my mother was “out of control”; that her drug use caused her to pass out and that she was out cold underneath the coffee table at that very moment.  He then told me something that would change their lives as well as mine forever.  He planned to move to Elkhart, IN so that I could help him with my mother.  What could I say?   I am not heartless.  I told him to come

I cried, then cried and cried some more.   I was doing the dishes and asking God WHY??  Why are they moving here?  Hadn’t I given my parents half my life already?  And as I did, I heard that still small voice that God uses when He has
something important to tell me.  He said “I am answering the prayer you have prayed since you were young. You have prayed that they would get the help they needed and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.”   


 I stopped crying.  Instead of asking the Lord to keep them in Milwaukee, I asked the Lord to work everything out so that they could move to my town.  What
happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

My father did not list his house.  Out of the blue, a man came to his door and asked to purchase their home.  My father accepted the offer.

Just a short time later, my father bought a home and moved to Elkhart. My mother hardly knew what happened.  She had never lived anywhere else except for Wisconsin.

 My father’s mental illness made him a difficult neighbor, so they bought and sold two more houses before he found a neighborhood they could live in.
My mother hated moving, but she didn’t have a voice or a vote in the matter.   




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Give Thanks for All He Has Done! Give Thanks Cover Song

As we begin to celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, I can’t help but think of the ONE who is the reason for all the blessings we have. JESUS! Take a moment and thank Him. He is WORTHY!

My cover song of GIVE THANKS.


I remain your friend,




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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Friends!

I am forgoing the audio file (hopefully, just this once) as this video is better seen then heard 🙂  I am curious, do you listen to the audio link or watch the video?

Just a few short days and we will be celebrating THANKSGIVING here, in the USA.   Another opportunity to thank the Lord for what He has done.    This video is about thanking HIM for WHO HE IS!

Have a wonderful week.
I remain your friend,


Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?

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22-26 It’s Time to Open the Attic Door



A friend sewed a simple long white dress for me, as well as the two short green bridesmaid dresses.  I bought a veil, and that completed my ensemble.  I remembered flowers the night before the wedding and picked up a single white
rose to carry. 

On the day of our wedding, I stood backstage of the school auditorium and  watched Michael graduate and pick up his diploma.  I then hurried back to my room to dress.  In a few short hours we would be married.  Michael and I drove separately to the church, as the groom is not to see the bride before the wedding.  I was parked outside, sitting in my car while the rain poured.
Michael was late.  He finally drove up to the church and hurried in; I was to find out later that he stopped at a garage sale and bought himself a used sports jacket to wear to the wedding.

Someone signaled that it was time to begin, and as I got out of the car a sweet neighbor lady came running out with an umbrella.  I would make it to the church without being drenched.

 I opened the front door, and a song began to play on the old upright piano.  Our college professor was standing in the front, directly underneath a drip from the leaky roof.  Michael and his best friend Ralph stood to the right, and my bridesmaids to the left of our professor.  The Co-Pastor of the church, Frank, began to sing “Until the 12th of Never” as I came down the side of the church.  There was no center aisle.   I thought, “what a nice song”; I hadn’t realized anyone was going sing.

And just like that, we were married.  A few Friends surprised us with a small reception at their house.  I received a “Cooking for Two” cookbook and my first Tupperware.   Approximately 1 hr. later, we were left alone. 

Michael was concerned about his family, so we drove to McDonald’s, picked up a sack of hamburgers and showed up at their motel with the food.  It was a total surprise to them and to me! The next day we drove to Elkhart, IN and began our married life.




Married life started out with a bang.  Michael had his own home that was rented to his brother who moved out shortly after we returned.  Michael went back to work at a trailer factory, and I spent 3 months enjoying my new life. I had a few wedding gifts that I was excited to put in the cupboard, but this had been the home Michael grew up in, and so he knew exactly where the dishes should go. Of course, I thought differently.

 My cooking skills were virtually non-existent as I had never lived on my own, but I thought I knew how to cook an egg!  My mother-in-law was a fantastic cook and made an egg sandwich that I could not duplicate, so Michael took on the task of instructing me.  I secretly prayed that his egg would burn.  It didn’t, but it was at this point I began to see that marriage was going to be work.  I had a lot to learn.  Michael was a night owl; I was an early bird.  I was high strung
and wanted to talk about everything; Michael was laid back and didn’t need to talk much at all.  At one point when I got upset, I shouted, “the Lord knows my heart”.  Michael responded “and He doesn’t know mine? 

 Michael thought it was time that I got a job, so I applied at a local McDonald’s and was hired.  On my first day I sat in the basement under the restaurant, filling out forms and watching videos.  As I walked upstairs, I was told to shadow one of the employees.  My stomach became a bit queasy as we passed the French Fries.  I turned around, opened the first door I could find; and it happened to
be a bathroom.  I became ill.  When I came out, I said, “I believe I may be pregnant.”   I was.  I lasted exactly 15 minutes as a McDonald’s employee.





Some women glow when they are pregnant, I groan. I had never been so  miserable in my life. I had morning sickness that lasted all day, every day.  It wasn’t until I went for my first checkup with the Obstetrician, that I got some relief. I had lost a lot of weight and was so sick, they talked about hospitalizing me. Michael thought I looked “great”. I told him not to get used to my being so thin. I was given medication for the nausea and then I ballooned to my normal weight and soared past it. The Dr. was not happy. I never felt well.  My only consolation at this point was knowing that there would be a reward at the end of
my pregnancy. 

One of my favorite parts of living in Elkhart was Michael’s church. I quickly got involved in the music program and enjoyed the opportunities given to do solo work.  My dream to have a ministry was still a driving force in my life, but now I struggled to even breathe and had virtually no breath control.

Was this the end of my dream? I wondered.   More than once I found myself dreaming about that attic, the drawers, and the fact that I was never able to see their contents.

One night I dreamt that I was in an old rundown house. There were many, many rooms that were all in disrepair. The furniture was dusty but usable and every wall needed paint. I ran through the house excitedly, realizing that even if the house would need some work, this house was mine!  I opened a drawer.. and woke up.  It appeared as if I was having the same dream, just a different location.  It was so frustrating!



Nine months and a few days later, Julie decided that it was “time”. Michael and I were kneeling to pray at our bedside before he went off to work, and my water broke, so he called his Aunt to take me to the hospital as he headed to work. Michael’s Aunt and I sat in the labor room all day, until he finished work and called me.  Michael said he’d be over after he ate and showered. Shortly after he arrived, Julie did. I was so proud of my “natural childbirth” techniques I’d been
taught in the classes we attended. 

The exhilaration of going through delivery broke the blood vessels in both my eyes. I was awake all night while the other women around me slept. But the sight of my beautiful little girl made it all worthwhile. A few minutes after Julie’s delivery, Michael went home to bed. He had to go to work early the next morning.



Julie was 5 weeks old when we loaded our old non-air-conditioned pickup truck with everything we owned and headed to Arizona.  Our small dog road up front with us.  Michael had accepted an invitation to help an elderly Missionary couple down in Eloy Arizona.  They had started a church, ministering to the Pima and Papago Indians who lived there.

It was a long, hard drive and when we arrived, the temperature read 115 degrees.
We saw two rainbows in the sky as we pulled in, so believed that the Lord would bless us in our endeavor.   Julie had developed a mysterious rash and we had stopped more than once during our arduous journey to try and get her relief.  She cried and cried.   The first thing I did when we arrived in Eloy was to take her to the one and only Dr. in town.  He told me she was severely dehydrated and needed to be in a cool place. He also told me that the local cemetery was filled with babies who had died from dehydration.  I immediately
stopped breast feeding her as I was also too dehydrated to do so, and gave her all the fluids she could drink from a bottle. She quickly revived.



Michael found a 8 ft by 25 ft long travel trailer with a Swamp Cooler for us to live in. I spent my time caring for Julie and helping at the church any way I could.  One day the lady missionary came to me and said, “You will play piano”.
Only problem?  I had never touched one before. But there was no one in the church that could, and with the Lord’s help, I learned to play a little.  I came up with my own style that I refer to as the “choppy rhythm” technique. I played in both the key of C and F, but the people were grateful for my attempt, no matter how high we had to sing.

Michael found a job at a local pants factory that paid him $2.25 an hour.   We eventually purchased a small 50 ft by 75 ft lot on which he kept our home, ducks and a horse.  We thought about getting a turkey but decided against it.  We
also bought and buried our own pole in the yard so that we could have a telephone.

Tumbleweed was Michael’s 2nd horse that he purchased at a livestock auction. His first horse was purchased from the Papago Indian Reservation and had never been ridden.  Michael spent many nights working with the horse, attempting to put a saddle on it so that he could ride it. 

One evening I went to pick him up before supper. Michael was so happy! He had finally managed to saddle the horse and wanted to show me.  He placed one foot in the stirrup and the saddle slipped completely around the horse’s body.
 This caused the horse to step backward, breaking Michael’s ankle.  It was so badly broken he was instructed not to step on it for 6 weeks, so I had the privilege of carrying his leg everywhere we went. The Pants Factory got him a wheelchair and he only missed one day of work.



Julie was 6 months old when I found out that I was pregnant once again. I was preparing a duck for Thanksgiving and when I opened the oven and
saw all the grease, I became violently ill. Is there a pattern here?  I was sick my entire pregnancy. 

This time there would be no hospital, pediatrician, obstetrician or large hospital bills.  The local Dr. told Michael and I that he could deliver our baby in his office for $100.00. So that is what we did. 

One day, close to the end of my pregnancy I came in for a checkup, carrying Julie. The Dr. preceded to give me a shot and then informed me he was inducing my labor.  He had planned to be out of town for the weekend.  I was startled and asked if I could call Michael to hold Julie while I gave birth.

The next few hours were a blur.  At one point they decided to move me to the delivery table during a contraction, and I yelled out because of the pain.  A gas mask was placed over my face and I blacked out. I could hear someone in the distance screaming and a voice saying, “You do not have to scream”. A short time later I woke up next to a cute little boy with big brown eyes.  He was crying and sucking his fist.  He was hungry! We named him Jeffrey.

An hour later we went home.  We stopped by the pharmacy and ran into the wife of Michael’s boss. She asked who’s baby?  Ours of course!  She came home with us and told me go to bed with Jeffrey.  She also made some supper before she left.  That was the last help I would receive.  The Missionaries who were childless, were less than sympathetic when they found out another baby was coming.  They needed help, and my having to care for two small children didn’t leave me much free time.

to be continued…


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Lord, I am not proud and haughty. I don’t think myself better than others. I don’t pretend to know it all. I am quiet now before the Lord, just as a child who is weaned from the breast. Yes, my begging has been stilled Psalm_131:1-2 Living Bible
God must wean us from a childish preoccupation with our need for nurture, in order to mature us with a compelling sense of destiny and significance.
James Ryle Devotional


Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]


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A moment at Woodland Manor – People Need the Lord cover Song

Michael and I go each week to a local Nursing Home to spend time with the precious residents. We sing the Hymns of the faith. I hope you will enjoy a moment with us. Share the Lord with someone today!


Do you have a question, or problem you would like to talk about?

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Beneath The Cross of Jesus – The Hymn

Beneath The Cross of Jesus – A Hymn written by Elizabeth Clephane(1830–1869)

Upon that cross of Jesus Mine eye at times can see The very dying form of One, Who suffered there for me; And from my smitten heart, with tears, Two wonders I confess, The wonders of His glorious love, And my own worthlessness


Do you have a problem or question you would like to talk about?

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Bummer Lamb – Excerpt by Loved Back to Life -Sheila Walsh


Every once in a while, a ewe will give birth to a lamb and reject it. There are many reasons she may do this. If the lamb is returned to the ewe, the mother may even kick the poor animal away. Once a ewe rejects one of her lambs, she will never change her mind.

These little lambs will hang their heads so low that it looks like something is wrong with its neck. Their spirit is broken. These lambs are called “bummer lambs.”

Unless the shepherd intervenes, that lamb will die, rejected and alone. So, do you know what the shepherd does? He takes that rejected little one into his home, hand-feeds it and keep it warm by the fire. He will wrap it up with blankets and hold it to his chest so the bummer can hear his heartbeat.

Once the lamb is strong enough, the shepherd will place it back in the field with the rest of the flock. But that sheep never forgets how the shepherd cared for him when his mother rejected him. When the shepherd calls for the flock, guess who runs to him first? That is right, the bummer sheep. He knows his voice intimately. It is not that the bummer lamb is loved more, it just knows intimately the one who loves it. It’s not that it is loved more, it just has experienced that love one on one.

So many of us are bummer lambs, rejected and broken. But Jesus is the good Shepherd. He cares for our every need and holds us close to His heart so we can hear His heart beat. We may be broken but we are deeply loved by the Shepherd.

Sheila Walsh, “Loved back to life”

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19-21 Time to Open the Attic Door



Following our phone call, we made plans to meet in the student lounge upstairs from my
room.  I can’t say I learned much about Michael, but boy did he learn about me!  Why
is it the embarrassing things we do stand out in our minds?  I told him the entire story of my life!  He politely nodded, shook his head from time to time and made short
comments.  I did not realize this was to be the pattern for our whole married life.
When Michael did manage to get a word in, I found out that he also became
a Christian as a result of watching TV.  He was taking a bath, listening to a local church advertise that Nicky Cruz was going to speak in South Bend, IN at Calvary Temple Church. Nicky Cruz has a fantastic testimony about being saved out of a gang lifestyle in New York.
Michael had been seeking the Lord for some time, and felt that he needed to attend that service.  He dressed quickly and drove to the church; walking in during the altar call and within minutes, Michael asked the Lord to forgive him of his sins and come into his
heart.  His life was changed from that moment on.

A year later, Michael attended Central Bible College.  He went there because he wanted to learn more about the Bible.  Little did he know that one day, he would be pastoring a church.  Michael decided to cut a 4-year program to three years, so took classed
during the summer and also correspondence courses.   I showed up during his senior year.




Michael and I saw each other every day.  We walked together to chapel, ate lunch and dinner together and studied every evening in the student union.  We even shopped together on weekends.  One of Michael’s favorite places to go was the Army Surplus store.
I didn’t care where we went, as long as  we were together.  

One day as we were shopping, Michael picked up a package of Ex-lax.  This was a laxative I was quite familiar with.  I told him, “oh don’t buy that, I have some I will give you”.  That night Michael came by to walk me to the student union and I handed him a bar with 12 squares of the chocolate medicine, wrapped in foil.  I made the comment “don’t eat it all at once”.  That night a friend of Michael’s sat with us at the table.  I was busily chatting with him, when Michael decided to walk to the candy machine for a candy bar.  Remembering
the “chocolate bar” I had handed him earlier, he stopped; came back to the table and proceeded to eat the entire bar.  He told me later that it was the nastiest candy bar he had ever eaten.  I only noticed he had eaten it when he was crumbling the silver foil in
his hands.   I couldn’t believe he had eaten it.  I was horrified!  His friend laughed and
within hours nearly everyone on campus had heard about Michael’s girlfriend
feeding him a bar of laxatives.  I was mortified!  And Michael? Well, he didn’t show up for class the next day.

 Michael and I shared a love of talking about Jesus to anyone who would listen.  Michael had been visiting at the Medical Prison in Springfield and because I sang songs with my Autoharp, he invited me.  I was thrilled, but also a bit apprehensive.  While I loved to sing and share my testimony, the orientation did make me feel a bit apprehensive.  We were
told “if you are taken prisoner by the inmates, we cannot guarantee your safety”.  Fortunately nothing even close to danger ever occurred. 

I must admit my favorite ministerial activity was visiting homes around the neighborhood of the church Michael co-pastored.  It was an old rundown, poor  neighborhood, much like the church.  We would walk together and greet people sitting in their yards.  I will never forget an elderly woman, who, after seeing us walk up
together, said to Michael “you are going to marry this one!” She then encouraged Michael to hold my hand and kiss me. We both laughed but I was more than flattered.
I could see that happening someday; I hoped soon.


“E”  DAY


While it felt we dated forever, the truth was that we had only known each other a few
months.  College students are generally too busy and broke to date in the typical fashion, so being together on campus would have to do.  One day as we were driving back from somewhere, Michael was even quieter than usual.  No problem, I can carry on a conversation all by myself.  Out of the blue, Michael said “You know someday
I am going to ask you to marry me.”  And without a moment’s hesitation, I replied “And someday I will say yes!”  Michael responded  “Really??”  and I answered
“YES”.  So, Michael asked me to marry him then and there.   I was so excited; I could not believe it had finally happened.  I am not positive in hindsight, that Michael had planned on proposing, but not then.  All I could think to do was to share my newfound happiness with everyone I met.  That is, until Michael told me that I couldn’t.  He insisted I wait until he had purchased a ring for me so that it would be a proper engagement.  I was about to burst but waited.

 Approximately a week later Michael found just the right engagement ring, along with a band for us both, at a pawn shop in downtown Springfield, MO.
The small, worn, thin band sported a genuine Cubic Zirconia.  The first guy we showed it to insisted he would have to get a magnifying glass to see the stone, but it was a full carrot diamond, as far as I was concerned.  (I wore that ring for years, until the band wore completely through. We never did replace it)

Now that we were truly engaged, we made two phone calls. The first to Michael’s family. I do not think they were prepared to hear what Michael had to tell them, but there isn’t much you can tell your 29-year-old son.  The 2nd call was made to my family.  They
were happy to hear from me and surprisingly receptive that I was engaged. We briefly discussed a possible wedding date. I would be sometime after Michael’s graduation, at the end of the school year. Joyce (Peaches) was excited about being my Maid of Honor.
We decided to get married in the small church I attended in Milwaukee, WI.  It would be relatively simple: get a marriage license as soon as possible, marry, and leave for Elkhart,
IN   All I could think about was the fact that I would never have to live in that house again.


to be continued…




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In the Sweet Bye and Bye – Heaven’s Hymns

A beautiful Hymn written by Fillmore Bennett and music by Joseph P. Webster, who suffered from depression. This collaborative created a song that is still sung today. Many blessings to you as you listen and sing along!



Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]

I remain your friend,



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Offended? Or are YOU Offending Others? Another Short Devotional

Offended? Or are YOU Offending Someone ELSE? God has very real promises for those who offend others, as well as for those who have been offended. Another Short Devotional.


Do you have a problem or have something you want to talk about?   Write me at [email protected]

I remain your friend,


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Fill My Cup Lord – Cover Song

Are you hungry and thirsty for things this world cannot give you? Let the Lord fill you!
Richard Blanchard wrote this song and it was published in 1964, “Fill My Cup, Lord” quickly became a gospel music hit across the country. It is Blanchard’s most famous composition.

Do you have a problem or question you would like to talk about?

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REJECTION – Another Short Devotional

Do you ever feel rejected or cast aside? Do you still want to be used of God? Today’s SHORT DEVOTIONAL may be just what you need!

Do you have a problem or want to talk about something?

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I remain your friend,


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This is a very OLD Hymn, sung many times in churches years ago about marching to the City of God, Zion. I hope you will sing along.

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?   Write me at:  [email protected]

Until next time I remain your friend,


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16-18 Time to Open the Attic Door



I have always been an “all or nothing” type of gal. When I finally surrendered to the Lord’s directive that I stay “single” I embraced it wholeheartedly.   I even  bought a book titled “Single and Satisfied”, But I did not plan to be the only
single girl on campus.  Each opportunity I had, I “preached” to the girls.
“Are you here to be led of God or to find a man?   Do you understand, to be truly satisfied as someone’s wife, you have to be satisfied as a single woman”?
It was quite effective, and I had several converts.

The “single life” was not easy.  There were many times when I was tempted to stray, but I would get on my knees and pray for strength.  I was one of the few older girls on campus and as a result, I was able to keep a car on campus.
I used it often to drive those who were younger without transportation.


One day I decided to take a group of girls to the neighborhood Root Beer stand.
I met a girl from Transylvania that could barely speak English, in front of the dorm. I asked her if she would like to go with me; she smiled and said yes.
It was then, a handsome young man touched my arm. “Excuse me, where are you taking her?” he asked. “To the Root Beer stand”.  “I just brought her back from there”, he said.




I was smitten.  This guy on the sidewalk was not only handsome, he was an older student whose name was Michael.  He was co-pastoring a church with another student off campus in an old store front.  I found this out from the girl from Transylvania who could barely speak English!  And even more exciting?
He allowed guests to come and sing at his church!  Somehow, I managed to get an invitation to that church to sing.  Even more amazing? I finagled a ride in Michael’s station wagon to that church.  I wasn’t alone.  He frequently transported a carload of girls to his church. But that Sunday, I rode up front.


 I sang my song, but I doubt my mind was on the Lord when I sang. I sat primly in the front row when I finished. Michael didn’t see my New Testament, so he had one of his “girls” bring me his Bible to use during the service. She tried to
retrieve it from me after service, but I thanked her and said firmly, “No, I will give it back to him”.  It was apparent that I wasn’t the only girl who had an interest in this “older handsome student”.   I also rode back to school in the front of his station wagon.  It was then I contrived a clever plan to meet Michael again.  Before he dropped me off by my dorm, I slipped my New Testament out of my purse and placed it on his dash. It had my name in it, of course.
I was determined he would remember me, one way or another.


Those days and weeks that followed were miserable.  I didn’t hear from Michael, and I was certain, I was the worst of sinners.  Stay single?  Yah right!
I prayed, I wept, and I talked to my brother. I told Bill all about the understanding I had from God.  I was to stay single.  And what do I do?
The first handsome, potential minister I meet, I try and trick into
seeing me again. My brother gave me advice that I know God led him to share. He said “If God doesn’t want you to meet him, you will never hear from him again!  He doesn’t tempt us above that which we are able to bear.”


I had learned a lot about the Lord after becoming a Christian.  And one thing I knew, God always wants us to be obedient. All through the years after I accepted Christ, I met different boys.  I was so miserable at home that I was tempted to turn a casual flirtation into a meaningful relationship.  Even though I told the Lord I would not stay single, I just couldn’t move forward without His blessing on my relationships. Time after time, I prayed “Lord if this isn’t the guy for me, remove him from my life”.  And He did. One afternoon as I was taking a bath, I began to pray that prayer in earnest once again. “Lord, if you are not blessing a relationship with Michael, please never let him contact me and help me to stop thinking about him!”. You can imagine my surprise when I heard a voice in the dorm lounge immediately following that prayer. “Lana, you have a phone call from a guy named Michael”.  I jumped out of the tub covered in suds, grabbed a towel and ran soaking wet to the phone. God answers prayer!




I asked the Lord several times why He wanted me to stay single for Him.
And my mind flooded with reasons. Matthew 19:29 says “And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.”.  It is not that the Lord does not want us to have these things. But he does have a desire to lead and guide our lives.
I was so miserable in my home that I dated boys that were totally wrong
for me. In Jr. High a teacher asked me if I knew the boy I was dating, who was considerably older than me, and had been in trouble with the law.
My mother encouraged the friendship. But the Lord removed him from my life, thankfully.

I believe obedience is the key with God. We think we can please the Lord by going to church, or by acting a certain way. In truth, it is obedience.
The Bible is God’s Holy Word and His direction for our lives.  We don’t have to guess. If we prayerfully read His Word and ask for His guidance, we will receive
it.  Looking back, I realize the Lord knew how I would respond to his question
about staying single.  It was no surprise to Him, but in the end, I did obey Him.
And for the time I did not understand, He was patient.


to be continued…

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Hard Times -Another Short Devotional and an UPDATE on Michael

Going through Hard times? A James Ryle Devotional and an UPDATE ON MICHAEL. The question we will all have to answer one day – Are things right between us and the Lord? I hope and pray that they are.

I have to ask you a question.  If you were to die today, would you be ready to meet the Lord?  Would he say ” Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matthew 25:23   OR would he say ” ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!”.  You CAN know.  You CAN be forgiven.  I would love to tell you how!

Write me at [email protected]

Until next time I remain your friend,


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We can become stalled in our spiritual life but there is a solution! Join me for another short devotional.

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at:  [email protected]

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God Will Take Care of You – The Hymn and MY Story

I was minutes from posting this on Thursday, when my Husband Michael, had a heart attack. The Doctors are amazed at how well he has done, having had a major heart attack in 1994 and a double bypass. Then 10 years later, another heart attack and a stent. And now, 15 years later,, a third heart attack and the placement of two more stents. Praise God he made it through and is now home. God WILL take Care of YOU…He will take care of ME.. He TOOK CARE of MICHAEL  Praise The Lord. None of us know what today OR tomorrow Holds. But God is always faithful!

Do you have a problem or question you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]

 Until next time, I remain your friend,


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Blessed Be the Tie that Binds – Heaven’s Hymns

Blessed Be the Tie that Binds. I was looking at hymns tonight and came across these sisters. They did such a great job singing this song in different “styles” I had to share. This just goes to prove the HYMNS are TIMELESS. The message will bless you! I hope you enjoy listening!

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]

I remain your friend, lanadee

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Back to the Basics – Another Short Devotional


That time of year. Back to school, Summer is fading and Fall is on the way. It is also a good time to reassess our walk with God. Time to remember our “First Love” and get back on that narrow path.


Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]

Until next time, I remain your friend,


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The Hothead’s Handbook – A Mini Devotional

A really short Mini Devotional – Do you get MAD and then regret it? Many of us do. I think this video might encourage you . And it helped me procrastinate cleaning my bathroom to produce it. 


Do you have a problem or question you would like to talk about?

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STUFF – Another Short Devotional

Does STUFF “have you”? or do you “have STUFF”? Another Short Devotional. A brief excerpt from a testimony Bob Jones gave when he experienced death and went to Heaven.

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?

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He Hideth My Soul – Heavens Hymns

As a blind person, Fanny Crosby faced daily challenges. She wrote many hymns based on the Psalms. Psalm 32:7, “You are my hiding place”, may have influenced her as she wrote this song. Certainly Exodus 33:22 did. Moses asked the Lord to show him his presence. God said, “I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand”.
I hope that you will enjoy this Hymn and that it will bring back memories of days gone by, when churches sang the Hymns of the faith. Be sure and sing along!

I remain your friend,  lanadee


Do you have a problem, or something you would like to talk about?  Write me at:   [email protected]

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Holy Spirit and the Gift of Speaking in Tongues

When Jesus left this earth he promised that the Holy Spirit would come. He did, and when He did, the world was NEVER the same. Please join me in this SHORT DEVOTIONAL as we examine the gift of “Speaking in Tongues”.


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Do you ever listen to a song so many times you lose count? I have with this song. The words are simple. Because of what Jesus did at the cross I can be happy knowing “I am HIS CHILD”.
This beautiful Hymn has been arranged so that the words and their meaning melt the heart. Please listen to the words and think about God’s love for YOU!

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?

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I remain your friend,



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Part 13, 14 and 15 Of “IT’S TIME TO OPEN THE ATTIC DOOR”



My mother’s unwillingness or inability to be free from drugs and her dependency on my father devastated me.I thought that she should leave him and that everything would get better!
But the psychiatrist told me that they were totally co-dependent and could not live without each other, no matter how dangerous it was for them to live together.   My mother played the victim her whole life and I bought into it.  She told me that my father was a terrible, horrible man, and I believed her.  It colored my view of my father most of my life. It prevented me from having or wanting a relationship with him.  I wanted them apart so desperately I would have paid for the divorce.

I then began to believe, the real victim was not my mother or my father, it was my sister Peaches. She basically raised herself.  She did what she wanted and wouldn’t listen to the parents even when they gave her instructions.  Peaches eventually moved up to the attic and took the key with her. My father had by then, moved downstairs into my old bedroom. I wanted desperately to take her with me, but I was not old enough to obtain custody, let alone support her, or myself. Home life became unbearable, I had to get out!

When I was 18, I went away for 3 months.  I attended a Bible school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I knew nothing about this school other than my good friend attended
there.  “Someone” told me I wouldn’t need a winter coat until much later in the year.
I believed them.  So most of my time away from home was spent trying to stay warm.
I got very sick. I laid in the dorm room for days before anyone even missed me.  In the short time I was away, both my mother and sister tried to harm themselves. I was forced to come back home. According to Peaches, the saddest part about my being gone was that
she finally realized I was not her mother.  I was not responsible for her.  No one
was.  She was free to do what she wanted. 



Life settled into a routine. A never ending, reoccurring pattern of parental feuding, drug abuse, mental health episodes and me, trying to find my place in this world.  What
I enjoyed the most was singing. I had been singing at church.  My desire was to marry a minister and spend the rest of my life telling others about the Lord. I was sure I could do all of that once I was able to leave the house.    I had a great opportunity given to me by a minister named Vic who led the Teen Life Singers and I was offered the opportunity to sing and travel with his choir.  Vic led a ministry group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that operated a radio station, Christian bookstore and after school clubs for teens.

I worked in the bookstore for a while and assisted the Youth club director. But I felt it was time for me to leave. I wanted to get away from the part I played in the day to day madness at home.  What I wanted most was to leave home for good.  I felt I was no
longer influential in my sister’s life now that she was older. The way I saw it?  I had
sacrificed enough of my life, taking care of my parents. I still remembered that the Lord wanted me to remain single, I just hadn’t planned to obey that “Word” from the Lord.
So, I devised a plan to go to a Christian College once again.  This time in a more hospitable part of the country. Springfield, MO.




I was now 22 years old and I owned a car. And that is all.  I had a few
hundred dollars to my name.  I had met a girl who planned to attend the same college, so we drove together and split the gas.   I managed to apply for a student loan and was accepted, but I was on my own. FREE!  I ate because this school included food with tuition. I only knew that I could stay if I could pay, but I determined to trust God for my finances. My mother and father were totally against my going so I could not expect
financial assistance from them. 
The first few weeks were Heaven on earth.
I would find myself sitting on the lawn outside the college, praising God for the peace I felt.  I could get up in the morning and go to bed at night without the stress I endured each, and every day at home.  Yet, I knew it was still a horrible place for my sister.  That bothered me. Then I met him.  His name was Isaac.  Isaac worked for the school, picking up trash and cleaning on the campus. I don’t remember how we met, only that I looked forward to seeing him each day.  He would stop by outside my 1st floor dorm window and we would “chat” before class.  Isaac had a silver front tooth and a winning smile. I had a crush on him.


One day Isaac came by and I could tell by the look on his face, something was wrong.   “Lana” he said.  “The Lord has been speaking to me and He told me I was not to see you anymore. I don’t know why, only that we are to stop seeing each other.”  With that he rode off on his old orange tractor, never to visit me again. I was not surprised.  I knew
why this happened. I was to stay single.  I had ignored the voice of God, and He was reminding me of His request once again, by telling Isaac we were not to become too close of friends.


to be continued…

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Will You Still Love Me? My Poem

This bout of heat is miserable. I go out early if I go out at all. While sweeping dust bunnies out from under my bed this poem went though my mind. For all my older friends, I hope you get a kick out of it. For all my younger friends, be prepared. “OLD” comes whether we want it to or not 


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Victory In Jesus – The Hymn


A wonderful Hymn, VICTORY IN JESUS. And an exciting announcement!

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Part 11 and 12 It’s Time To Open The Attic Door


 The years went by and not much changed in our home.   My father remained angry and paranoid and my mother’s drug dependency continued. And then my worst fears were realized. One night after praying for mother, I was awakened by God to see her breaking into a little outdoor study my father had built. Somehow, she managed to get his keys and access to his supply of pain medication.   I was broken hearted. I wanted to believe that she would not do such a thing.   I later found out that he controlled her actions by dolling out his pills to her when she did what he wanted. So, to see her delivered from her addiction was not going to be easy.   I knew her only hope was the Lord.

 Mother and father stayed apart as much as possible, and father moved his bedroom upstairs in the attic.   By this time my brothers had moved out. Bill joined the Airforce and Terry moved out suddenly after my father beat him for?. He moved to a room underneath a tavern. I later went to see him in his new “home” and it crushed me, but he would rather live there than with our parents.   Terry never came back to the house and my heart was broken.

 One morning I woke up and found my mother going through withdrawals She was shaking, nauseous, sweating and knew she needed help. I decided to take her to a hospital. Out of nowhere, father appeared. He was in his underwear. I was shocked! He never left his room without being fully dressed so I knew something was not right.   He told me that if I took my mother out of the house, he would kill me.   He stared at me with such hatred I knew he was telling me the truth.     It was then I realized that

“we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

There was no way my father could have known about my plans to take my mother and seek medical help, but the enemy of our souls, satan, did. The last thing the devil wants, is for us to be free from our sins.


  As we grow in the Lord, our understanding and our faith grow as well. I realized that I could not just turn my back and walk away from this situation. but oh, I wanted to. I could see no way to help my parents. No one even knew what was going on. I found a prayer partner and we began to pray that the Lord would allow the truth to be known and that the truth would set my mother free from her drug addiction.   I do not know that I prayed much for my father.   In hindsight, this is one of my biggest regrets.   There is nothing that our Lord cannot do.   We may give up on a problem or person, but He does not.

 One day my mother and her dog Sparky took the car and went to the store and she stopped for gasoline.   The people at the gas station saw how unsteady she was on her feet and that she was pouring gasoline on the ground instead of in the car.   The police were called. Sparky got out of the car and ended up in the pound.   My mother ended up in the county hospital.   They decided to hold her for observation.

 A few days later the doctors called for a family consultation about my mother. My father and I went. They briefly chatted before the meeting and agreed that they would say she “accidently” took one too many pills, that it had never happened before, and wouldn’t happen again. I sat in the back of the room and prayed.   When the meeting began, they lied according to the plan and I continued to sit in the back of the room, praying that God would allow the truth somehow, to be known.   The doctors listened patiently as my mother spun her tail, and then said, “Ok we hear what you are saying but we do not believe your daughter agrees with that story”.  My head shot up. A vision of my father promising to kill me if I got my mother help flashed before my eyes. But then I heard the voice of the Lord say “NOW, tell the truth”.   I hesitated for a moment, knowing that I would be driving HOME with these people.   But I obeyed God. All the deep dark secrets of my mother’s pill addiction came out.   I told them about how my mother would use my father’s pills when hers were gone, and how she would even buy cough syrup with codeine in order to get the medicine her body so desperately craved.

 The people at the hospital came up with a solution. I was to appear in court and petition a judge for committal papers for both my parents. The petition was granted, and my mother and father wept as I drove them to a drug rehab center in Northern Wisconsin to drop them off.   I still can’t believe they allowed me to do that.   The POWER of God!

 During their stay, my mother and father went through drug counselling and medical intervention to ween them off the Codeine.   My father was “miraculously set free” from medication that he rarely took. He vowed never ever to take another pill; that one or any other. And as a result, the psychiatrist could not get him to take the medicine to treat his mental illness that he desperately needed.

 My mother was also “miraculously delivered” from her addiction and became a Bible toting Christian at the rehabilitation center. I was ecstatic, because my mother had been a Christian as a young girl. Finally, things were going to get better! But the staff took me aside. They did not buy her conversion and told me so when they released her. They believed she was still fully dependent on the Codeine. They had reason to feel that way. Shortly after returning home, I found her upstairs digging through her supply of yarn, unwrapping one after another ball. For some reason, I felt impressed to see what she was doing.   I was so upset as I watched her that I began praying aloud, “Father please help me to find that medicine before she does.”   Mother mocked me and said, “He can’t help you find what there isn’t.” At that moment my hand landed on a heavy ball of yarn. She knew what I had found and began racing behind me down the steep wooden stairs. With one foot on the door of the bathroom, I unwrapped that ball and found her stash.   I flushed them down the toilet. Mother’s dependency on Codeine lasted until the day she died.

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Wait Upon the Lord – A REAL Short Devotional

Do you have 5 minutes? A really short devotional about your “calling”.

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Do you have a question or a problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at:  [email protected]

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He Was There All The Time – The Song and the Story

A song about forgiveness and redemption. A story about Gary Paxton.


Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]

I remain your friend,


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Holy Spirit Please Baptize Us – Another Short Devotional


The Holy Spirit, our gift, sent to us after Jesus went to Heaven. Let’s look at the book of Acts and see who the Baptism is for and why He was sent to us. Another Short Devotional.

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about??  write me at [email protected]

I remain your friend,


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Peace Speaker – Heavens Hymns


Jesus. No matter what the trial or situation you may find
yourself in. He is able to bring the peace you so desperately need. Peace

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?  Write me at:  [email protected]

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Part 9 and 10 It’s Time To Open The Attic Door


Around the age of 14 I had two remarkable experiences.  The first was a dream.  I know
now that it was of the Rapture. (The catching away of the Saints of God into the air, to live forever with Jesus in Heaven) I could see people shooting heavenward into the sky, but I was not one of them. I tried as I might but could not get airborne.  I woke up in a panic, ran to the kitchen to find my father sitting there drinking a cup of coffee.  When I
told him of my dream he said, “someone up there is trying to tell you something.”  I didn’t need anyone to tell me who that someone was. 

I knew I wasn’t good enough for Heaven and even contemplated a life in hell because of it.  I tried each day but could not find a way to be good.  One night after committing a sin I KNEW was hell worthy, I laid sweating under all the covers on my bed.  I called out
to my father and told him that I was going to hell.  He reached in his pocket and pulled out a large ring of keys. “You see these keys?   If you get locked into hell, I will get you out.”
Somehow, I knew he couldn’t, but his saying so helped! 

 One evening a Billy Graham crusade was televised.  It was a rarity that we would all sit down together in the same room to watch a show, let alone, a religious one.  I
remember everything that Billy Graham said. Everyone was a sinner, everyone deserved hell. But GOD sent His Son Jesus to earth, to die on a cross for our sins; He rose from the grave and lives forever more! And now we can be forgiven!  I was so convicted.  I knew that if Jesus were to return to the earth that night, I would not be going with Him.
I looked around the room but didn’t have the courage to walk up to the television when the invitation was given to do so. That night, I waited until the house was dark and I thought everyone was asleep.  I knelt at my bedside and prayed.  “Jesus if you are real,
please forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. I am sorry for my sins.”  The
Lord answered me and said, “Will you stay single for me?”  I said “NO!”  But he saved me anyway.



My life at this point totally changed.  I was no longer alone.  I no longer wanted to disappear.  Now that I knew Jesus, I couldn’t get enough of the Word. I read my Bible like it was the only book written.  The words leapt off the page and into my heart.

We had gone a few times to church as children; basically Christmas. They gave away fudge to the children who attended. Now I had a desire to go.  My brother Bill, Terry and I rode a city bus for 12 miles to the church my mother last went to before she got married. We had no idea that there were churches of that denomination much closer.

 One day at church the Sunday school teacher and her husband recognized my hunger for
more of the Lord and offered to pay my way to a church camp that summer. My parents let me go.  I remember very little about the camp except being laughed at one day because I
put my pants on backwards.  The other thing was being filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  When the Holy Spirit filled my heart and my mouth with a holy language EVERYTHING about me changed. I received power from on high to be His witness. My fear melted away.  I became unafraid of speaking out.  And my favorite topic?  You guessed it, Jesus!  

I was so excited after camp that I remember putting a picture of Billy Graham on a notebook that I carried. I walked proudly through the halls at school and tried to share my faith each chance I got.  I had joy unspeakable and full of Glory!   I was not alone.  No, I would not be alone ever again.

I wanted to do something for the Lord.  There is a scripture, Isaiah 6:8 that says:  Also
I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”
That scripture became my heart’s cry.   I set a goal.  I would sing for a Billy Graham Crusade. This was of course, a dream that never came to reality, but it was a dream I held on to for years.




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Oh Say but I’m Glad – A Hymn written in the 1800’s with very little back story. The words speak for themselves! Rejoice..the Lord has come!

There is a song in my heart today,
Something I never had;
Jesus has taken my sins away,
Oh, say, but I’m glad.

Oh, say, but I’m glad, I’m glad,
Oh, say, but I’m glad,
Jesus has come and my cup’s overrun;
Oh, say, but I’m glad.

Wonderful, marvelous love He brings,
Into a heart that’s sad;
Through darkest tunnels the soul just sings,
Oh, say, but I’m glad.

Won’t you come to Him with all your care,
Weary and worn and sad?
You, too, will sing as His love you share,
Oh, say, but I’m glad.   

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Holy Spirit and Meekness – Another Short Devotional

Does God really consider meekness important to our spiritual life? He does! And He sent the Holy Spirit to help us attain this fruit.   I hope you enjoy this short devotional.  HAVE A WONDERFUL GOD BLESSED DAY!!

I remain your friend,




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Part 7 and 8 of It’s Time to Open the Attic Door


Life in our home was out of control.  It was hard to get through one day without something upsetting my father and I thought the police had our address on speed dial.  Leaving the house became difficult and I was often called back to referee the latest battle.  My mother was no match for my dad; he could out talk her and constantly told her how worthless she was.

For some reason, I went everywhere mother went and I was allowed  to have a voice in the decisions that needed to be made, it just wasn’t my own voice.  My opinion was sought out but truth of the matter, I was just a child, and reminded of that when, on the rare occasion, they agreed on some point.

I tried to keep my father from hurting my mother and my mother from upsetting my father.  I would also try and stop my father from hurting my brothers.  One night while doing dishes my father charged my brother in a rage for some “offense”.   Out of instinct I threw the dishrag I had been holding and hit him square in the face.  It stopped him cold.  I was scared to death, but he never said a word to me and my brother managed to get out of his way.

 My brother Bill had nice hair and he liked to put hair cream on to hold the style he was wearing. He was told repeated that his head was not to touch the wall behind him at the dinner table.  One night, Bill leaned back in his chair and accidentally touched the wall with his head. My father bolted out of his chair and knocked Bill to the floor.  A knot formed in my stomach. We were all the told to finish our soup, like nothing had happened.  I hated mealtime  For years after that,  any small argument could make it difficult for me to eat, especially if it occurred at mealtime.



It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to be around people.  Other people’s  lives were “normal”, and mine most certainly wasn’t.    I wanted help for our family but at the same time, found that I was ashamed and humiliated, being part of a living nightmare. I never invited anyone over…  ever.  Other than my friend Christine, who lived next door, our home was off limits.   Our relatives stopped coming over because they knew what was going on and felt powerless to help.  So that left us all alone without any hope of anything ever changing.

My grandma would come over and cry. Father hated her, but she would come to see her daughter and grandchildren anyway.  Our home was filthy. One day grandma taught me how to clean my room.  I can still see her standing there in my room. I can hear her voice and remember everything she said. “Pick up everything on the floor.  Now put away everything laying on the dresser. Now make your bed.”  I was amazed and thankful. My grandma was my lifeline to everything sane at that point, but her visits became fewer and fewer because it was too hard on her to see the condition her daughter was in.

People I met in school had no way of knowing why I rarely spoke or interacted. I was slipping more and more into the world I was creating in my mind.  I would lay on my bed and imagine a place far, far from home.  It was a happy place where no one fought.  We laughed, played and most importantly, this place lacked one thing: My parents.  I wanted to disappear into my “happy place”.

I began to have trouble concentrating, and I struggled to stay awake in school. I was tired from staying up at night watching my mother.  She would fall asleep with a cigarette in her hand, and I wanted to catch it before she burned down the house.  More and more of the things my mother was responsible for, fell on my shoulders.  I remember having to wrap everyone’s Christmas presents one year on the end of my mother’s bed. She wasn’t feeling well enough to do it.

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Sheltered in the Arms of God – Dottie Rambo Cover Song

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”
– Psalm 23:6 


Writers: Dottie Rambo, Jimmie Davis
Verse 1
Verse 2
Repeat Chorus 

 Do you have a question or a problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at: [email protected]   

If you would like to see the video of this song :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLh0QXHOZWc

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Through the Darkest of Times the Lord is with You

My heart is heavy over the loss of a dear soul, Clayton.  His wife Stephanie has been left with a small son, Hunter, and another on the way. Life can be difficult without such a loss, but the answer, the help, the comfort is always the same; His name is Jesus. I hope this will give you hope my friends. Jesus will help you through.  God’s Word, God’s NAME is powerful.  He is there for you.

  Please listen to this short excerpt from a video by John Paul Jackson.   If you would like to view this in video form:  https://www.facebook.com/YourFriendLanadee/


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Holy Spirit and Self Control – Another Short Devotional

Do you lack the ability to CONTROL Yourself? Many do. But help is on the way through the power of the Holy Spirit. Join me today for another short devotional.

If you would like to watch the video version:    https://youtu.be/oyN5U2G_qdE 

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?

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Attending school was a nightmare. In grade school there were the battles. My brothers were picked on because they were short and had to wear glasses. Bill and Terry were bullied back in the days when the victim was more likely punished, not the bully. I did try and help defend them, but I had my own battles.

My teeth. An overbite is just ripe for jokes and insults. I found myself further ostracized because of our financial situation at home. One girl came up to me on the playground and said, “we are going to buy you a new dress because you are poor.” I was excited! But the dress never materialized.

For reasons I never understood, I was friendless. I think my most humiliating experience was when we were to pick “friends” to put our desks together with. The kids scrambled around and created their desk formations. There I sat, my desk alone, in the middle of the room. The teacher, with little wisdom and less tact, told me to put my head down. She then asked if anyone would be willing to sit with me. I have no idea what happened after that, but it still hurts to think about.


Life changed dramatically when I was in 4th grade as a result of my father being injured at work. He worked for the city in the traffic department. They were unloading a telephone pole when the hook broke, and my father was knocked off a tall ladder and thrown to the ground. The injuries to his head, face and body were so extensive that he never returned to work again. No one worked in our home as a matter of fact. My father was placed on disability. Years later his disability was not only physical; It was also mental. After a considerable amount of time in the hospital, my father came home. His eyes were bloodshot from the blow to the face and subsequent surgery, but that did not stop him from taking a sledge hammer to a wall in the kitchen. He was going to make a new bedroom. Despite the pain it caused him, my father found it therapeutic to work with his hands. By this time his hands shook so badly he could barely tie his own shoes and his nerves were in the same condition.

My father continued to receive medication for his pain, but his mental condition turned into paranoia. He was later diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, so he didn’t trust the doctors and rarely took any medication they gave him to treat his condition.

My mother on the other hand, found that she felt pretty good when she took medicine. One doctor explained to my mother that the tension she was living under was the cause of her pain. Taking pain medication and tranquilizers allowed her to sleep day and night, so having to deal with father wasn’t as unbearable. When she ran out of medication she was prescribed, my mother looked for the medicine my father wasn’t taking. For years my father ranted and raved about my mother stealing his medicine. No one believed him. I never believed him; I was afraid to.

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Lamb of God – Cover Song

John 1:29 Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world! I want to thank the Lord Jesus for taking my place, forgiving my sin and allowing me to become a Child of the King! Behold the Lamb. I hope you enjoy this trio.

If you would like to see the video version of this song:


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BABIES, BABIES, AND MORE BABIES Part 5 of It’s Time to Open the Attic Door


 Life became a procession of children with a total of 6.  My parents either did not believe in birth control or did not know how to practice it.  The doctor was not happy when my mother came to him pregnant over and over.  He told her she was not healthy enough to bare children.  But that did not change her eating habits or her smoking and drinking, so my next two brothers were born premature; with impaired vision. Both boys were also colicky.  My father hated to hear a baby cry so insisted my mother was not to pick them up when they did. He was a disciplinarian and did not believe in mollycoddling. There was little peace or happiness for my mother during this time.  Little did she know that “Peace and Happiness” had moved out permanently from her home.

Note: Those early years were my parent’s happiest years, according to my oldest brother.  He has fond memories of my mother in the kitchen preparing meals. He also remembers meeting my father as he would come home from work and taking bites out of the sandwiches my mother prepared for our father’s lunch.  Unfortunately, I have very few memories like that to draw upon.

Bill was the first-born son.  He was slight of build and favored my mother in complexion.  He was the studious child who read and explored the world around him and the stars above. I always thought my father was jealous of him because my mother loved him so much.    And for this reason, I felt he was harder on him then his transgression deserved.  Father thought any man of worth, worked with his hands, not with his mind, so he criticized Bill’s speed at which he completed a task.  I do not remember Bill smiling much as a child.  But then, the best way to coexist with my father was to keep your head down and stay out of his way.

Terry was born two years later.  “W” was his middle name because no one liked the name Wilbert, including my father.  My dad preferred to be called “Bill”.  Terry was the spitting image of my father, with his German build and blond curly hair.  I remember that he was the baby with the biggest smile in the pictures my mother had professionally taken.  I had always thought that secretly he was my father’s favorite.  Terry was treated poorly by my mother and abused by my father  Terry was hard working and able to work with his hands, but it didn’t matter.  Nothing did.

Terry was always in trouble.   He ate food from the pantry that wasn’t served to him and my mother called that stealing.  I can still remember standing at the kitchen table while my mother mixed a combination of foods my brother had “stolen” and force fed them to him until he vomited.  Then she proceeded to feed him from the bowl containing his vomit   I was horrified.  My heart was broken for my brother Terry.

One day Terry was placed outside in the trash naked.  He had wet his pants and also apparently “stole” something so my father held his hands over the flame of the stove, took his clothes off and put him out with the trash for the garbage men to pick up.  Terry was often beaten with a belt.

Terry was sent to school one day and came home with a note pinned to his shirt that read: “We noticed the bruising on Terry. If he comes to school bruised like this again, we will contact the authorities.”    OH, HOW I HAD WISHED THEY HAD!

Terry spent a lot of time up in the attic.  Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, his punishment was the same.  Terry and I would play from his attic window.  I remember sitting below  and talking to him.  One day he made the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of love; He  threw down his Magic Twangier gun for me to play with.  He had received it for his birthday just a few days before.  That single act of kindness cemented my love and determination to find SOME way to help him from being punished.

I loved Terry so much because he was going to get me out of that house! We would escape!  Terry and I would go in the back yard where he would find wood, nails and a hammer, apparently taken from my father’s barn.  He was going to build us a house and we would then move out. All our plans were foiled when my father came home from work.  Terry was ordered to put all that stuff back where he found it.

I was born two years after Terry was born.  Because I was a girl, my birth was welcomed by both mother and father after losing their only girl, Judy.   My brother Bill said I could do no wrong!  I was the favorite child!  It became increasing evident to me that this was true as I could do basically anything and not be punished.  I was reprimanded from time to time, but the belt was only used to threaten me into submission.  I can’t remember being hit with it.

Growing up, I do remember feeling like a spectator instead of a participant when my father was in a rage.  I only remember being slapped one time when my father was drunk.  He was trying to light the gas space heater in the middle of the living room.  He had gone to the bathroom to get toilet paper to light it, but instead of tearing off a sheet, he took hold of the end and proceeded to unwind the whole roll from the bathroom to the heater.   I laughed.   He slapped me for doing so.  The next morning, father called me to the side of the bed to apologize.  He said he thought I was laughing at him.   Of course I was, but I didn’t say a word.

I was a participant in the group spankings, however.  Whenever something grievous took place in our home and the guilty party did not confess, we were all taken outside and sat on the fence.  Each child was spanked starting from the oldest to the youngest.  But my father either ran out of steam by the time he got to me or my screaming and crying gave him pause.  I was let go with just a stiff warning.

My brother Normie was produced next from the baby factory 18 months after me.   He had dark hair and eyes. He was small and had a difficult time speaking because he stuttered.  Normmie was very shy but had a big toothy grin when he smiled.

When Normie was 7 years old he began having difficulty walking.  There was a small concrete step in front of our house, and he would avoid using it.  He didn’t seem to have the strength in his legs to navigate the step.  The doctor diagnosed him with Muscular Dystrophy.  It was a very sad time and everyone around me cried.  All my aunts and uncles were tested in my mother’s family but no one else carried the gene for this disease. As far as I know, only Normie ever developed this disease.

Normie’s ability to walk or get around quickly vanished and he was then confined to a wheel chair.  A few years later he became bedridden.  The MDA gave us a hospital bed and a hoyer lift for him.  Normie laid in bed all day, every day until his death at the age of 18. . His only real entertainment came from the TV that my father watched in the room outside of Normie’s room. He could see just a crack of it if he laid his head close to the railing of his bed next to the wall.

The children became his primary caretakers. Especially my brother Terry.  We would have to lift him when he needed the toilet or the occasional bath. I have muscles today in my arms that I attribute to carrying Normie around.  We were charged with bringing his food and drink. We would go into his room to entertain him from time to time.  It was heartbreaking to see him lose what little strength he had left.  I remember trying to find a toy for him to play with.  We settled on a string because he had difficulty holding the toys.

What or who was Normie’s favorite and closest source of joy?  The next born child, Peaches.  She was a REAL surprise.  It was she who became his closest friend.  They played together and even fought like most siblings.  Normie loved Peaches and Peaches loved him.  Peaches was not only an unplanned, unexpected pregnancy, she was a miracle baby.   I remember my mother telling me she was going to the hospital for a D&C only to find out she was pregnant. Peaches was the last child born in our house.

My mother’s appendix burst close to the end of that pregnancy, so my father was faced with a choice; save the life of my mother or the life of Peaches if it came to that.  God stepped in and made the decision for them both.  A month later my baby sister was born.

Peaches was really a present for ME.  I can still remember at 8 years of age, being handed a baby.  What little girl wouldn’t want to hold a baby?   I had no way of knowing just how much she would become MY baby over the years. Now obviously my mother played a part in taking care of her but in my eyes, I was her mini mom.  I fed her, change her, had to play with her and worst of all go to bed with her.  I would be outside, running and playing with my friend Christine, and I would hear my mother’s voice, “lanadee, lanadee it is time for bed!”. What??   It was 6:30 pm. I was then made to leave everything and everyone else and lay down, sweaty and heart pumping, to put Peaches to sleep.   My mother would tell me as I complained that I needed the sleep. I would lay there.  Every time I would try and put a foot on the floor,  Peaches would raise her head from the pillow.  There was no escape

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Holy Spirit We Need You!

I remember explaining to my friend, how important the Holy Spirit was to my life. How we needed His infilling and guidance. She said she was afraid to open her life to Him. Today’s devotional explains WHO The Holy Spirit is and WHY we need Him.

Would you like to see the video version of today’s devotional?


Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?  Write me at:  [email protected]

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They Could Not – Cover song

Holy Week, Monday after Palm Sunday, we remember what Jesus was facing. The Cross, the grave, and then RESURRECTION! Jesus, our Savior, the Son of God, could not be kept in the grave. If we ask for forgiveness of our sins, we can live with Him forever in Heaven. Thank YOU JESUS!  A beautiful pictorial is included with the video of this song.  Be sure to check it out!

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WAR HAS MANY CASUALTIES Part 4 of It’s Time to Open the Attic Door


Shortly after they married World War ll broke out and my father was drafted.  My mother was forced to move in the attic of her In-laws because father would no longer stay with the in-laws.  There were too many people who were having entirely too much fun for my father’s taste.  But mother would follow him regardless of the consequences.

Mother was alone, and pregnant. She found work in a candy factory and gave all her money to her mother-in-law for room and board.  Her job at the factory?  putting the “swirl” on top of the chocolate candy.

After an otherwise normal pregnancy for a woman who smoked, drank and ate poorly, my mother delivered a small, frail baby girl she named Judy.  Judy was born with a heart defect that prevented her blood from being fully oxygenated. Children with this condition were called Blue Babies.   My sister Judy lived only a short three months and then died.  My mother went into a deep depression and her family rallied around to try and hold her up, but there was no consoling her. Mother wrote my father right after Judy was born to give him the good news.  But then had to write to tell him of her death.  My father was in a combat zone overseas during this time and the mail was sporadic.  When the mail did catch up with him, he received Judy’s birth and death announcement on the same day.  Father nearly lost his mind.  I was told he became so upset and violent in his attempt to be sent home that he struck his commanding officer.
It wasn’t long after that the war was over, but my father came home a changed
man.  He was now a very sick, angry, terrifying man.

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Holy Spirit – Faith and Healing Another Short Devotional

One of the gifts Holy Spirit gives us is Faith, and we use that faith to receive healing. This is another short Devotional. Please join me in this study of God’s Word!

You can find a  video version of my short Devotionals on youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOTM1lARAatN4RnG7hOV6lw?view_as=subscriber

I thought I would include the pictures of the shark I caught in the Bahamas for those of you who do not wish to watch the video.  YES we let him/her go 🙂

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Holy Spirit Please Give Us Wisdom – Another Short Devotional

Welcome the Holy Spirit into your life. Do you need to know what to do? Do you need WISDOM?

James 1:5 Now if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask for it from God, who gives to all without reservation and not reproaching, and it will be given to him.

So much is going on in this world and in our lives.  Each day we need to make decisions that are difficult to make.   But our loving Father does not want you to do this alone.  Holy Spirit is here and if you allow Him, He will show you what to do.

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected] 

You can watch this devotional as a video: Holy Spirit Please give us Wisdom!

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Until Then – Another Favorite Hymn

I’ve been so busy doing..WHAT?   I couldn’t tell you.  But I did find time to record one of my favorite Hymns.  Until Then.  I am so excited about that wonderful day when our Lord Jesus returns to take His children home.

Until then, written by Stuart hamblen wrote  in 1958. The son of a minister, Stuart wrote many songs prior to his conversion during a Billy Graham Crusade. I hope you enjoy this old Hymn published in a number of Hymnals.

My heart can sing when I pause to remember
A heartache here is but a stepping stone
Along a path that’s winding always upward
This troubled world is not my final home

* But until then my heart will go on singing
Until then with joy I’ll carry on
Until the day my eyes behold the city,
Until the day God calls me home

The things of earth will dim and lose their value
If we recall they’re borrowed for a while
And things of earth that cause this heart to tremble
Remember there will only bring a smile

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at [email protected]

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Holy Spirit – Our Gift Another Short Devotional

Welcome to another short Devotional!
Jesus promised to send us the COMFORTER when He went to Heaven. The Holy Spirit rested on Jesus as He walked this earth. We need to be desirous of a relationship with the Holy Spirit as well.

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  write me at:  [email protected] 

If you would like to watch the video of this devotional on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmD2qGTPfpk&t=33s

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His Eye Is On The Sparrow – The Hymn

His Eye is On the Sparrow is a gospel song, written in 1905 by Civilla D Martin and Composer Charles H Gabriel.  

Mat 6:26 Look at the birds! They don’t worry about what to eat—they don’t need to sow or reap or store up food—for your heavenly Father feeds them.  And you are far more valuable to him than they are.

Do you have a problem or situation you would like to talk about?

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Until next time, I remain your friend,


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Be Still and Know – Cover Song

Be Still and Know, Written by Steven Curtis Chapman. This song, while not a Hymn, is based on scripture. Most Hymns were.

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

I trust this song will bless you as it has me.
If you need a touch from the Lord, do not hesitate to sit quietly before Him. He loves you. The Lord knows what you need. He is faithful.

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?

Write me:   [email protected]

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Holy Spirit Sanctify Us – Another Short Devotional

Hello, welcome to another short devotional.  To continue our study on the Holy Spirit, we’re going to look at an important step following Salvation.  We need to live a sanctified life, a life like Jesus lived.  I hope you will listen!

Man’s laws cannot make moral what GOD has declared immoral. Even if a sin is legalized, it is still a sin in the eyes of GOD. Who can help us to live a holy, Sanctified life? The Holy Spirit can!

Do you have a problem or something you would like talk about?

Write me at [email protected]

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BLESSED REDEEMER -A beautiful old Hymn, written in the 1900’s. Casting Crowns wrote and recorded it with a different melody. No matter which rendition, this is a beautiful song. I hope you will think about the words and think about what they mean. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice. Thank you for providing eternal life to those who accept you as their personal Savior.


Up Calvary’s mountain, one dreadful morn,
Walked Christ my Savior, weary and worn;
Facing for sinners death on the cross,
That He might save them from endless loss.

Blessed Redeemer! Precious Redeemer!
Seems now I see Him on Calvary’s tree;
Wounded and bleeding, for sinners pleading,
Blind and unheeding—dying for me!

“Father forgive them!” thus did He pray,
Even while His lifeblood flowed fast away;
Praying for sinners while in such woe—
No one but Jesus ever loved so.

Oh, how I love Him, Savior and Friend,
How can my praises ever find end!
Through years unnumbered on heaven’s shore,
My tongue shall praise Him forevermore.

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?  Write me at: [email protected]

I remain your friend,


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The Holy Spirit – Our TRUTH Another Short Devotional

With so many voices demanding to be heard, how do we know who is telling the truth? We have one that Jesus told us would come when He proceeded to Heaven. The Holy Spirit. New York has passed a bill to allow full term babies to be aborted. What does God say about THAT?

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?   Write me at: [email protected]

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The Friend of a Wounded Heart – Cover Song

The Friend of a Wounded Heart. While not a hymn, it certainly is a song that has touched many hearts. Written by Wayne Watson but made popular by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, directed by Carol Cymbala, the wife of Pastor Jim Cymbala. A 250 voice choir made up of mostly untrained voices.

I love this song, it brings back beautiful memories of times traveling to Florida with my good friend Sheryl. She would drive all the way. And I would sing nearly ALL the way… to hopefully keep her awake and alert.

It is a wonder she is still my friend,lol

Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?

Write me at:  [email protected]

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How Long Has it Been? A Spiritual Song

How Long Has it Been. A beautiful spiritual song written by Mosie Lister in just 10 minutes. This song has been sung by many over the years and has a powerful message; Wait on the Lord in prayer!
I hope this song blesses you as it has me. Spend time with the Lord. He is worthy!


Do you have a problem or something you would like to talk about?

Write me at:   [email protected]

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Holy Spirit – Our Friend another short devotional

The Holy Spirit is our friend. He wants to walk with us and be our guide. Jesus went to Heaven and the Holy Spirit came to be our help, our comfort and to teach us. It is time to get to know Him!

Do you have a problem or something that you would like to talk about?

Write me at:   [email protected]


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Amazing Grace, God GIFT to you and I

I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST which strengtheneth me    Philippians 4:13

What a comfort to know that the Lord equips His saints when He assigns them a task.

Do you have a question or problem you would like to talk about?

Write  [email protected]

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I Love to Tell The Story – The Hymn and Story

The first Heaven’s Hymn of 2019, “I Love to Tell the Story”. This is a great song with an even greater message. Michael walked by and joined me tonight. I hope you will sing along as well!
I remain your friend,

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3 It’s Time to Open the Attic Door


I do not know how my parents met, other than they “met one day”, according to my father’s diary. I do know this: neither family was supportive of their marriage.  They married anyway.  My father was a hardworking, good looking man. He paid for the whole wedding.   Mother had a beautiful dress and a church wedding.  Her Pastor was not happy about this union, but my parents were in love!   This was NOT a marriage made in Heaven.

My mother was not prepared at all for the life that she had chosen.  She told me that her mother, like many mothers of her day, said “You made your bed now you lie in it.”  There would be no going back home.

There was a housing shortage and so they found themselves living with her family.  My father hated it.  Her family was close, enjoyed each other’s company and loved spending time together.  This along with the boarders coming and going all day and night, mad my father a miserable person to live with.  He worked third shift and needed sleep.    They stayed in that room, isolated from everyone.  My mother would stay married to this man for nearly 60 years, despite their crumbling relationship.


Shortly after they married World War ll broke out.  My father was drafted.  My mother was forced to move in the attic of her mother-in-law because my father would no longer stay at her mother’s house.  She would follow him regardless of the consequences as she had no money and no job.

 Mother was alone, and pregnant.    She found work in a candy factory and gave all her money to her mother-in-law for room and board.  Her job at the factory?  putting the “swirl” on top of the chocolate candy.

After an otherwise normal pregnancy for a woman who smoked, drank and ate poorly, my mother delivered a small, frail baby girl she named Judy.  Judy was born with a heart defect that prevented her blood from being fully oxygenated. Children with this condition were called Blue Babies.   My sister Judy lived only a short three months and then died.

My mother went into a deep depression and her family rallied around to try and hold her up, but there was no consoling her.    Mother had written my father right after Judy was born to give him the good news and then had to write to tell him of her death.

My father was in a combat zone overseas during this time and the mail was irregular at best.  When the mail did catch up with him, he received Judy’s birth and death announcement the same day.  Father nearly lost his mind.  I was told he became so upset and violent in his attempt to be sent home that he struck his commanding officer.    It wasn’t long after that the war was over but my father came home a changed man.  He was now a very sick, angry, terrifying man.


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Happy New Year! The Holy Spirit – Another Short Devotional

There has been a long lapse since my last post. I’ll explain why!

Happy New Year to you all!

When Jesus prepared to leave, He told His disciples about Who was to come in His place, The Holy Spirit. Another Short Devotional.

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Merry Christmas! Welcome to a Live Christmas Tree Program in 30 Minutes

The Live Christmas Tree

This Christmas season is not complete without a Church Christmas Program. I’ve condensed this Live Christmas Tree production to 30 minutes complete with a testimony from Pastor Paul Furrow and an opportunity to accept Christ as your personal Saviour. I hope you enjoy the songs. I hope you enjoy the message. I trust that you know Jesus, the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

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In His Presence

   As I woke up in my chair this morning, I realized I was not well. My bronchial tubes were clogged with mucus. I began coughing and each time I coughed, I received a tiny lick on the calf of my leg. Peaches was sleeping next to me. She has been my constant companion and comfort. Peaches insists on sleeping. wedged next to my leg in the recliner. I have been here for 8 days and nights.

My leg was cramping, and as I stood I realized how weak and sick I felt. I began taking inventory. My head and bronchial tubes, still congested, my throat sore, and my stomach complaining like I hadn’t fed it in a week. We all know that isn’t true. The one thing I do know is that I did not want to wake up. I resisted as long as I could. I was having the most glorious dream.

   My dream started out with me sitting with an old friend. There was a comfortability in his presence and I was delighted to see him as we sat to chat. I was sure that we both had ministered together a long time ago.
( I believe the friend was the Lord and we were remembering awesome times in His presence. It was wonderful being together once again )
I was then going over songs with a pianist in preparation for an upcoming service. As I sang, I began to preach about the goodness of the Lord! Words flowed out of me with great anointing.

   The scene changed and the glory of the Lord was so tangible I was able to see it pouring into the room like a waterfall. I stood under the gold speckled water. It was alive and I was rejoicing in his presence! Hallelujah!   Looking heavenward, I lifted my hands, spinning round and around. I knew that His presence was changing me. My sickness was vanishing. I was being filled with joy!

   I then heard the voice of the Lord: “You do not need to go anywhere to find my presence. I am right here!” I laughed, and danced, and spun round and round; I wanted more and more of what I had found. HIM! I was standing in the very presence of the Lord God almighty!

   All I need do to be in His presence; this glorious presence, is to spend time with Him. Thank you Jesus! All YOU need to do to be in His presence is to spend time with Him!

Taste and see that the Lord is good!
In His presence is fullness of joy!

Do you have a problem or want to talk?

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Deck the Halls and Bake Some Cookies!

It saddens me to say that I have a virus that prevents me from singing the wonderful songs we sing this time of the year. But that will not keep me from posting from the past. I love Christmas. The songs, the giving of gifts, and of course the cookies  When I bake I put all my energy in the finished product. It is apparent to me I need to put a bit more time into the “process” lol. NO one can destroy a kitchen faster than I.

I hope you are enjoying this time with family and friends. Let us not forget the reason for our celebration. The birth of our Lord Jesus!

Special guest singers: Wesley Davis and Michael Law


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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It seems that this time of year people are more apt to put away their differences and remember their love for family friends and all of mankind.

While not a hymn or spiritual song, I feel this song might help you to enter this Christmas season with warm thoughts of yesteryear. A time with family and friends. A time to pray for peace throughout our world. Enjoy this season. It is afterall, the most wonderful time of the year.

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He Calls Me Friend – Another Short Devotional

What better friend to have then God? And it is God’s desire to be just that to you and I. It’s time we become HIS friend. Another short devotional. Special music by Israel Houghton. Excerpts from James Ryle/ Rylism

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Give Thanks – Cover Song And a Proclamation from President Lincoln

As I sit in my chair reflecting on my day, I am content.  I am happy that I was able to spend time with people I love.  Happy that I was able to provide a beautiful meal in a warm house and sit in my easy chair to relax afterwards.

God is truly good to me and I want to thank Him for ALL His blessings!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a wonderful time with your family.

I would like to share a word from President Abe Lincoln with you.  If you take the time to read it I believe it will bless you:

October 3, 1863

By the President of the United States of America.

A Proclamation.

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of
fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly
enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have
been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to
penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever
watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequalled
magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign States to invite
and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations,
order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony
has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that
theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the
Union. Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful
industry to the national defence, have not arrested the plough, the shuttle or
the ship; the axe has enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as
well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more
abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding
the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege and the battle-field; and
the country, rejoicing in the consciousness of augmented strength and vigor, is
permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom. No
human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great
things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing
with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy. It has seemed
to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully
acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People. I do
therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also
those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart
and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and
Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to
them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular
deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national
perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have
become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in
which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the
Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may
be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony,
tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United
States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this Third day of October, in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the
United States the Eighty-eighth.

By the President: Abraham Lincoln

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You are loved!

Your friend, lanadee





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Come Just As You Are

I woke with the words “Come just as you are” on my mind. This led me to a wonderful devotional written by Rick Warren in 2017. I also found the song by the same name, sung by Crystal Lewis.

We do not have to wait until we have our lives in order; till we think we are good enough, to come to the Lord. We can NEVER be good enough. But we can be forgiven!

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My Father

My father also lived in Milwaukee, but his upbringing was different.  He was the only son and had one sister.  He once told me that his family was wealthy in comparison to my mother’s family. They lived in a beautiful brick home in a nice quiet neighborhood.

 I know very little about my father’s side of the family except for the few things he shared and a couple of sketchy memories that I have.  We rarely went to see them. I don’t think we were ever invited. When we did go my brothers, sister and I had to sit against the wall in the basement. We stayed where we were put. Back then children were seen and not heard. We were given cake.  I was worried that I might drop a crumb on the floor. You could have eaten off my grandmother’s floor.  Nothing like our home, that’s for sure.

Very little was ever said about my father’s family. Each year on my Grandpa F’s birthday my father would call to wish him a Happy Birthday. No such call ever came to our house for any of our Birthdays.

My father said they did not like my mother and that was the reason they disowned him.  I never felt that was the reason.  What I did know was that my father’s parents wanted nothing to do with any of us.  It was as if we did not exist.

My mother told me that my father was made to leave home and live with his uncle because he fought too much with his sister.  Years later I found a diary that indicated my father lived home up until he married.  He did have a close relationship with his uncle but do not see anything that indicates he was made to leave home. This was one of many “stories” I would find he told that lacked an element of truth.

 Father’s sister was loved and wanted. Later, her daughter was also cherished, and I think my father despised her for it.  Grandpa F died at 102 years of age.

At the age of 14, my father went through Confirmation in the Lutheran Church.  He said they excommunicated him for not paying the money he was required to pay as a member of the church. He wanted nothing more to do with them or any other church or God from that time forward.   All he needed was himself… and my mother.


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The Land of Inbetween – Another Short Devotional

Could it be that if you are presently experiencing your own desert experience, then the Lord is getting ready to call you into a more effective ministry than you have known? Today’s short devotional is taken from a James Ryle “Rylism”.

If you would like to view this post as a video, click here: The Land of Inbetween Video

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God’s School for all His Children

We must go to school. As a Christian, our goal should be to mirror the attributes of our Lord, Jesus and that doesn’t include comparing ourselves to each other.


Today’s short devotional is an excerpt from James Ryle “Rylisms”.

To see this post as a video click here: God’s School Video

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Pearl Joy Brown – A Blessing from God

I have been listening and learning tonight. Many of you have heard about the remarkable little girl, Pearl Joy Brown. She was born with next to a zero chance of living. Pearl had a condition known as Alobar Holoprosencephaly. The Doctors strongly urged her mother and father to abort her. They did not, and the Lord saw fit to keep her on this earth for 5 1/2 years. Her father gave a testimony that I believe should be heard by everyone.

This story tells about the dignity and importance of life. ALL LIFE. With the election coming up in a few short days, we need to think. Will our vote support and encourage women to rethink the abortion of their child? Or, by not voting, are we inviting in those who believe in aborting a child nearing full term?

There are many more lessons I received by listening. I wrote down each word of Eric Brown’s Testimony that he gave at an Evangelicals for Life gathering. (www.facebook.com/erlcsbc/videos/1819996501343780/)

His testimony speaks about the dignity of each life, but also the importance of seeing God’s hand in the trials and sufferings we go through.

*What an incredibly sad mistake it would be for us to go through the hard seasons of our lives with our eyes closed and our ears covered, chanting false platitudes to ourselves and waiting for the storms to pass. Surely with that approach we can avoid a world of pain. But in doing so, we’d miss out on everything else in the process. And especially the main thing. As God has promised to be near to the brokenhearted.
It is better to have His presence by way of tremendous heartache then to have frivolity in the midst of spiritual oblivion. We ought to run to where it hurts and to where our heart break and perhaps encourage our children to do the same. God has promised to be in those places and I believe that is often why I am more aware of His presence in the children’s ICU than I am the church carnival.
Surely, He is in both places, but my heart is more acutely tuned to Him during the seasons of suffering and confusion often had with Pearl. In tagging along, saddled on the back of the presence of Christ, is a disproportionate amount of joy. Though not always a celebratory and surface one. it is sober and is a deeply sustaining joy.” Eric Brown

Pearl Joy was indeed a gift from the Father. She was a joy!

Pearl Joy Brown (July 27, 2012-March 29, 2018)

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Wonderful Words of Life – A Great Hymn

Sing them over again to me, Wonderful words of Life;
Let me more of their beauty see, Wonderful words of Life.

Words of Life and beauty, Teach me faith and duty:

Beautiful words, wonderful words, Wonderful words of Life. (Repeat.)

Christ, the blessed One, gives to all, Wonderful words of Life;
Sinner, list to the loving call, Wonderful words of Life.
All so freely given, Wooing us to Heaven:

Beautiful words, wonderful words, Wonderful words of Life. (Repeat.)

Sweetly echo the gospel call, Wonderful words of Life; 
Offer pardon and peace to all, Wonderful words of Life. 
Jesus, only Savior, Sanctify forever.

Beautiful words, wonderful words, Wonderful words of Life. (Repeat.)


This song was performed by Fountain Academy Music

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God Still Speaks to us Today!

No problem is too big or too small for Jesus.  Read the Word. Believe the Word!

 May the Lord bless you today!,

Your friend lanadee

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God’s Grace – Greater Than All Our Sin Rick Joyner

Grace, Grace WONDERFUL Grace, coming down from the Father Above 

So many people feel the mistakes they make in life cannot, or will not be forgiven.  This is NOT what the Word of God says:

Psalm 103:10  He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. 
 103:11  For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. 
 103:12  As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. 

We must ask forgiveness for, and repent of, our sins.  Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice to atone for our sins.  As we surrender our life, He replaces our sins with His Holy Spirit.  The Lord wants to be a part of our lives here on earth, and for all eternity in Heaven.

Won’t you give your life to Him?

Rick Joyner

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Its Time to Open the Attic Door – Part One

My life as a daughter and a caretaker






 My mother was beautiful.  She was French on her father’s side and “Heinz 57” variety on her mother’s side.  Mother was petite. She had long, dark, curly hair, pretty eyes,
well-proportioned legs, slim ankles and small feet.  I wanted to look just like her when I grew up.  But I didn’t.  I inherited the German ankles, feet and legs from my father’s side of the family. I only inherited my mother’s overbite.


Mother was the oldest of five children. The 1920’s and 30’s were tough times because of the depression, so my Grandma Fl did everything she could to keep food on the table including take in boarders. The beds were slept in around the clock because of different shift workers. Grandma was always cooking, and she believed in putting out a big spread.  My mother said she would put out empty dishes on the table to make it look like
they had more food.


When I was older I remember that grandma worked outside the house as a “Part Time
Parent”.  She would clean house and care for the children of wealthy people. 

I was able to go with her occasionally to entertain the kids.  I loved my grandma and always secretly thought I was her favorite.  She taught me many things and I knew she was always praying for me.


Grandpa Fl worked odd jobs. One job he had was playing guitar at a local tavern with
a group of guys.  Grandpa was tremendously talented.  He built instruments and repaired them.  My mother kept one of his guitars in the attic until it fell completely apart due
to the extreme temperatures.  
Grandpa spoke very little but was fun to be around.  I remember that he would come over to sit at our kitchen table, running his fingers over the cool Formica top.  He would search for any food particle I might have missed after I washed it and point it out to me.  It was a game I enjoyed, and never won.


Mother did not enjoy all the responsibility placed upon her as the eldest of five siblings. One day grandmother sent her to buy school shoes and she came home with heels instead.  My grandmother was so mad that she made her walk to school in those shoes.
Mother said she learned her lesson.


The Fl family went to church each Sunday.  They were taught about the love of God and His desire to be first place in their lives.  Mother’s heart was stirred and at the age of 16, felt called to be a missionary. I remember reading a letter she wrote to God, expressing her desire to fulfill that calling. That plan was interrupted when she met and married my father and that letter has since disappeared.


If you have a question or comment, please write
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You are loved!

Your friend, lanadee





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