An Army The Bathroom and Hurricane Sally

This morning I fought my bodies attempt to wake up.  It was only 7:15 am and I had gone to bed quite late.  I could heard animals noises outside.  Were they crying?  I also  heard Peaches whimpering, so I finally got up to let her out and decided, even though my dream seemed too odd to be a God dream, I would write it down.

As I sat down, I turned on the TV, only  to find out that Hurricane Sally  was crawling across the coast and that Pensacola Florida,was in danger of potential   4-7 foot water surges with over 24″ of rain.  People are in grave danger!  And the Lord wants me to I pray!


In my dream I was in the military.  We were all lined up, waiting to be loaded onto transport vehicles to take us to the restroom.  Many in my unit knew there was no way we could wait.  They were loading the vehicles  too slowly,  and seemingly unconcerned about the desperation among the soldiers to use the facilities.  When it became obvious we weren’t going to make it in time to the restroom, one soldier yelled “follow me”  and many of us broke rank and  did just that.

We loaded ourselves onto a vehicle that seemed impenetrable to the attacks we were receiving by those in charge.  We broke down fences and barricades as we left,  and traveled a considerable way.  We then disembarked from our vehicle, and everyone rushed to find the restrooms.

Soldiers were sent to find us and bring us back, so some of us laid down on the ground in submission with hands behind their heads, while others scurried away in search of a hiding place.  I was among those who sought to hide.   I found a cabinet in a bathroom to hide in,  but it didn’t have a door on it so I I was easily found.

When I woke up I REALLY needed the restroom.

Moral of the dream

  1. Obey God when He tells you to get up to pray.

  2. Do NOT drink Root Beer at night before going to bed.

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