One morning during my devotion time with the Lord, I heard him clearly say, “Live unsettled!”
He continued, “Live unsettled. Don’t sink too deep into the soil of this earth.  Keep your head up and your feet moving. Stay alert and be sober. I am coming.
The day of My return is at hand. Loose yourself of anything that hinders. If you don’t loose yourself, I’ll help loose you.”

Friends, it’s time to start moving once again! Every one of us is called to live life here on this planet as nomads. We are nothing more than pilgrims passing through. This world is not your home. Live life unsettled!

Get rid of the excess baggage that hinders your walk with the Lord. Allow the Holy Spirit to take a personal inventory of your life. Follow David’s example and pray, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties;
and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Ps. 139:23-24).

Whatever He puts his finger on, shed it immediately! Become a master of letting go. Lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily entangles so that you can keep
moving forward.

As you begin to move, you’ll likely discover those hidden treasures the Lord has laid up for you—gifts you didn’t know you had or haven’t accessed in some time. These spiritual gifts flourish as you get moving.

Alongside these gifts, you’ll uncover words He has sown into you that you have long forgotten. Those precious promises may have passed from your mind, but not His.
He is not a man that He should lie. What He has spoken to you, you can be assured He will deliver.

Living unsettled has played a large part of the success we’ve seen over the past 30 years. Our feet are always moving, our eyes fixed ahead, and our ears always
attentive to the Lord’s command. Time is short; there is no time to waste. Let go; start moving. Live unsettled.

Evangelist Steve Hill preached the Brownsville Revival for five years, was pastor emeritus of Heartland World Ministries 

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