19-21 Time to Open the Attic Door



Following our phone call, we made plans to meet in the student lounge upstairs from my
room.  I can’t say I learned much about Michael, but boy did he learn about me!  Why
is it the embarrassing things we do stand out in our minds?  I told him the entire story of my life!  He politely nodded, shook his head from time to time and made short
comments.  I did not realize this was to be the pattern for our whole married life.
When Michael did manage to get a word in, I found out that he also became
a Christian as a result of watching TV.  He was taking a bath, listening to a local church advertise that Nicky Cruz was going to speak in South Bend, IN at Calvary Temple Church. Nicky Cruz has a fantastic testimony about being saved out of a gang lifestyle in New York.
Michael had been seeking the Lord for some time, and felt that he needed to attend that service.  He dressed quickly and drove to the church; walking in during the altar call and within minutes, Michael asked the Lord to forgive him of his sins and come into his
heart.  His life was changed from that moment on.

A year later, Michael attended Central Bible College.  He went there because he wanted to learn more about the Bible.  Little did he know that one day, he would be pastoring a church.  Michael decided to cut a 4-year program to three years, so took classed
during the summer and also correspondence courses.   I showed up during his senior year.




Michael and I saw each other every day.  We walked together to chapel, ate lunch and dinner together and studied every evening in the student union.  We even shopped together on weekends.  One of Michael’s favorite places to go was the Army Surplus store.
I didn’t care where we went, as long as  we were together.  

One day as we were shopping, Michael picked up a package of Ex-lax.  This was a laxative I was quite familiar with.  I told him, “oh don’t buy that, I have some I will give you”.  That night Michael came by to walk me to the student union and I handed him a bar with 12 squares of the chocolate medicine, wrapped in foil.  I made the comment “don’t eat it all at once”.  That night a friend of Michael’s sat with us at the table.  I was busily chatting with him, when Michael decided to walk to the candy machine for a candy bar.  Remembering
the “chocolate bar” I had handed him earlier, he stopped; came back to the table and proceeded to eat the entire bar.  He told me later that it was the nastiest candy bar he had ever eaten.  I only noticed he had eaten it when he was crumbling the silver foil in
his hands.   I couldn’t believe he had eaten it.  I was horrified!  His friend laughed and
within hours nearly everyone on campus had heard about Michael’s girlfriend
feeding him a bar of laxatives.  I was mortified!  And Michael? Well, he didn’t show up for class the next day.

 Michael and I shared a love of talking about Jesus to anyone who would listen.  Michael had been visiting at the Medical Prison in Springfield and because I sang songs with my Autoharp, he invited me.  I was thrilled, but also a bit apprehensive.  While I loved to sing and share my testimony, the orientation did make me feel a bit apprehensive.  We were
told “if you are taken prisoner by the inmates, we cannot guarantee your safety”.  Fortunately nothing even close to danger ever occurred. 

I must admit my favorite ministerial activity was visiting homes around the neighborhood of the church Michael co-pastored.  It was an old rundown, poor  neighborhood, much like the church.  We would walk together and greet people sitting in their yards.  I will never forget an elderly woman, who, after seeing us walk up
together, said to Michael “you are going to marry this one!” She then encouraged Michael to hold my hand and kiss me. We both laughed but I was more than flattered.
I could see that happening someday; I hoped soon.


“E”  DAY


While it felt we dated forever, the truth was that we had only known each other a few
months.  College students are generally too busy and broke to date in the typical fashion, so being together on campus would have to do.  One day as we were driving back from somewhere, Michael was even quieter than usual.  No problem, I can carry on a conversation all by myself.  Out of the blue, Michael said “You know someday
I am going to ask you to marry me.”  And without a moment’s hesitation, I replied “And someday I will say yes!”  Michael responded  “Really??”  and I answered
“YES”.  So, Michael asked me to marry him then and there.   I was so excited; I could not believe it had finally happened.  I am not positive in hindsight, that Michael had planned on proposing, but not then.  All I could think to do was to share my newfound happiness with everyone I met.  That is, until Michael told me that I couldn’t.  He insisted I wait until he had purchased a ring for me so that it would be a proper engagement.  I was about to burst but waited.

 Approximately a week later Michael found just the right engagement ring, along with a band for us both, at a pawn shop in downtown Springfield, MO.
The small, worn, thin band sported a genuine Cubic Zirconia.  The first guy we showed it to insisted he would have to get a magnifying glass to see the stone, but it was a full carrot diamond, as far as I was concerned.  (I wore that ring for years, until the band wore completely through. We never did replace it)

Now that we were truly engaged, we made two phone calls. The first to Michael’s family. I do not think they were prepared to hear what Michael had to tell them, but there isn’t much you can tell your 29-year-old son.  The 2nd call was made to my family.  They
were happy to hear from me and surprisingly receptive that I was engaged. We briefly discussed a possible wedding date. I would be sometime after Michael’s graduation, at the end of the school year. Joyce (Peaches) was excited about being my Maid of Honor.
We decided to get married in the small church I attended in Milwaukee, WI.  It would be relatively simple: get a marriage license as soon as possible, marry, and leave for Elkhart,
IN   All I could think about was the fact that I would never have to live in that house again.


to be continued…




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