16-18 Time to Open the Attic Door



I have always been an “all or nothing” type of gal. When I finally surrendered to the Lord’s directive that I stay “single” I embraced it wholeheartedly.   I even  bought a book titled “Single and Satisfied”, But I did not plan to be the only
single girl on campus.  Each opportunity I had, I “preached” to the girls.
“Are you here to be led of God or to find a man?   Do you understand, to be truly satisfied as someone’s wife, you have to be satisfied as a single woman”?
It was quite effective, and I had several converts.

The “single life” was not easy.  There were many times when I was tempted to stray, but I would get on my knees and pray for strength.  I was one of the few older girls on campus and as a result, I was able to keep a car on campus.
I used it often to drive those who were younger without transportation.


One day I decided to take a group of girls to the neighborhood Root Beer stand.
I met a girl from Transylvania that could barely speak English, in front of the dorm. I asked her if she would like to go with me; she smiled and said yes.
It was then, a handsome young man touched my arm. “Excuse me, where are you taking her?” he asked. “To the Root Beer stand”.  “I just brought her back from there”, he said.




I was smitten.  This guy on the sidewalk was not only handsome, he was an older student whose name was Michael.  He was co-pastoring a church with another student off campus in an old store front.  I found this out from the girl from Transylvania who could barely speak English!  And even more exciting?
He allowed guests to come and sing at his church!  Somehow, I managed to get an invitation to that church to sing.  Even more amazing? I finagled a ride in Michael’s station wagon to that church.  I wasn’t alone.  He frequently transported a carload of girls to his church. But that Sunday, I rode up front.


 I sang my song, but I doubt my mind was on the Lord when I sang. I sat primly in the front row when I finished. Michael didn’t see my New Testament, so he had one of his “girls” bring me his Bible to use during the service. She tried to
retrieve it from me after service, but I thanked her and said firmly, “No, I will give it back to him”.  It was apparent that I wasn’t the only girl who had an interest in this “older handsome student”.   I also rode back to school in the front of his station wagon.  It was then I contrived a clever plan to meet Michael again.  Before he dropped me off by my dorm, I slipped my New Testament out of my purse and placed it on his dash. It had my name in it, of course.
I was determined he would remember me, one way or another.


Those days and weeks that followed were miserable.  I didn’t hear from Michael, and I was certain, I was the worst of sinners.  Stay single?  Yah right!
I prayed, I wept, and I talked to my brother. I told Bill all about the understanding I had from God.  I was to stay single.  And what do I do?
The first handsome, potential minister I meet, I try and trick into
seeing me again. My brother gave me advice that I know God led him to share. He said “If God doesn’t want you to meet him, you will never hear from him again!  He doesn’t tempt us above that which we are able to bear.”


I had learned a lot about the Lord after becoming a Christian.  And one thing I knew, God always wants us to be obedient. All through the years after I accepted Christ, I met different boys.  I was so miserable at home that I was tempted to turn a casual flirtation into a meaningful relationship.  Even though I told the Lord I would not stay single, I just couldn’t move forward without His blessing on my relationships. Time after time, I prayed “Lord if this isn’t the guy for me, remove him from my life”.  And He did. One afternoon as I was taking a bath, I began to pray that prayer in earnest once again. “Lord, if you are not blessing a relationship with Michael, please never let him contact me and help me to stop thinking about him!”. You can imagine my surprise when I heard a voice in the dorm lounge immediately following that prayer. “Lana, you have a phone call from a guy named Michael”.  I jumped out of the tub covered in suds, grabbed a towel and ran soaking wet to the phone. God answers prayer!




I asked the Lord several times why He wanted me to stay single for Him.
And my mind flooded with reasons. Matthew 19:29 says “And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.”.  It is not that the Lord does not want us to have these things. But he does have a desire to lead and guide our lives.
I was so miserable in my home that I dated boys that were totally wrong
for me. In Jr. High a teacher asked me if I knew the boy I was dating, who was considerably older than me, and had been in trouble with the law.
My mother encouraged the friendship. But the Lord removed him from my life, thankfully.

I believe obedience is the key with God. We think we can please the Lord by going to church, or by acting a certain way. In truth, it is obedience.
The Bible is God’s Holy Word and His direction for our lives.  We don’t have to guess. If we prayerfully read His Word and ask for His guidance, we will receive
it.  Looking back, I realize the Lord knew how I would respond to his question
about staying single.  It was no surprise to Him, but in the end, I did obey Him.
And for the time I did not understand, He was patient.


to be continued…

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