Part 11 and 12 It’s Time To Open The Attic Door


 The years went by and not much changed in our home.   My father remained angry and paranoid and my mother’s drug dependency continued. And then my worst fears were realized. One night after praying for mother, I was awakened by God to see her breaking into a little outdoor study my father had built. Somehow, she managed to get his keys and access to his supply of pain medication.   I was broken hearted. I wanted to believe that she would not do such a thing.   I later found out that he controlled her actions by dolling out his pills to her when she did what he wanted. So, to see her delivered from her addiction was not going to be easy.   I knew her only hope was the Lord.

 Mother and father stayed apart as much as possible, and father moved his bedroom upstairs in the attic.   By this time my brothers had moved out. Bill joined the Airforce and Terry moved out suddenly after my father beat him for?. He moved to a room underneath a tavern. I later went to see him in his new “home” and it crushed me, but he would rather live there than with our parents.   Terry never came back to the house and my heart was broken.

 One morning I woke up and found my mother going through withdrawals She was shaking, nauseous, sweating and knew she needed help. I decided to take her to a hospital. Out of nowhere, father appeared. He was in his underwear. I was shocked! He never left his room without being fully dressed so I knew something was not right.   He told me that if I took my mother out of the house, he would kill me.   He stared at me with such hatred I knew he was telling me the truth.     It was then I realized that

“we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

There was no way my father could have known about my plans to take my mother and seek medical help, but the enemy of our souls, satan, did. The last thing the devil wants, is for us to be free from our sins.


  As we grow in the Lord, our understanding and our faith grow as well. I realized that I could not just turn my back and walk away from this situation. but oh, I wanted to. I could see no way to help my parents. No one even knew what was going on. I found a prayer partner and we began to pray that the Lord would allow the truth to be known and that the truth would set my mother free from her drug addiction.   I do not know that I prayed much for my father.   In hindsight, this is one of my biggest regrets.   There is nothing that our Lord cannot do.   We may give up on a problem or person, but He does not.

 One day my mother and her dog Sparky took the car and went to the store and she stopped for gasoline.   The people at the gas station saw how unsteady she was on her feet and that she was pouring gasoline on the ground instead of in the car.   The police were called. Sparky got out of the car and ended up in the pound.   My mother ended up in the county hospital.   They decided to hold her for observation.

 A few days later the doctors called for a family consultation about my mother. My father and I went. They briefly chatted before the meeting and agreed that they would say she “accidently” took one too many pills, that it had never happened before, and wouldn’t happen again. I sat in the back of the room and prayed.   When the meeting began, they lied according to the plan and I continued to sit in the back of the room, praying that God would allow the truth somehow, to be known.   The doctors listened patiently as my mother spun her tail, and then said, “Ok we hear what you are saying but we do not believe your daughter agrees with that story”.  My head shot up. A vision of my father promising to kill me if I got my mother help flashed before my eyes. But then I heard the voice of the Lord say “NOW, tell the truth”.   I hesitated for a moment, knowing that I would be driving HOME with these people.   But I obeyed God. All the deep dark secrets of my mother’s pill addiction came out.   I told them about how my mother would use my father’s pills when hers were gone, and how she would even buy cough syrup with codeine in order to get the medicine her body so desperately craved.

 The people at the hospital came up with a solution. I was to appear in court and petition a judge for committal papers for both my parents. The petition was granted, and my mother and father wept as I drove them to a drug rehab center in Northern Wisconsin to drop them off.   I still can’t believe they allowed me to do that.   The POWER of God!

 During their stay, my mother and father went through drug counselling and medical intervention to ween them off the Codeine.   My father was “miraculously set free” from medication that he rarely took. He vowed never ever to take another pill; that one or any other. And as a result, the psychiatrist could not get him to take the medicine to treat his mental illness that he desperately needed.

 My mother was also “miraculously delivered” from her addiction and became a Bible toting Christian at the rehabilitation center. I was ecstatic, because my mother had been a Christian as a young girl. Finally, things were going to get better! But the staff took me aside. They did not buy her conversion and told me so when they released her. They believed she was still fully dependent on the Codeine. They had reason to feel that way. Shortly after returning home, I found her upstairs digging through her supply of yarn, unwrapping one after another ball. For some reason, I felt impressed to see what she was doing.   I was so upset as I watched her that I began praying aloud, “Father please help me to find that medicine before she does.”   Mother mocked me and said, “He can’t help you find what there isn’t.” At that moment my hand landed on a heavy ball of yarn. She knew what I had found and began racing behind me down the steep wooden stairs. With one foot on the door of the bathroom, I unwrapped that ball and found her stash.   I flushed them down the toilet. Mother’s dependency on Codeine lasted until the day she died.

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