Pearl Joy Brown – A Blessing from God

I have been listening and learning tonight. Many of you have heard about the remarkable little girl, Pearl Joy Brown. She was born with next to a zero chance of living. Pearl had a condition known as Alobar Holoprosencephaly. The Doctors strongly urged her mother and father to abort her. They did not, and the Lord saw fit to keep her on this earth for 5 1/2 years. Her father gave a testimony that I believe should be heard by everyone.

This story tells about the dignity and importance of life. ALL LIFE. With the election coming up in a few short days, we need to think. Will our vote support and encourage women to rethink the abortion of their child? Or, by not voting, are we inviting in those who believe in aborting a child nearing full term?

There are many more lessons I received by listening. I wrote down each word of Eric Brown’s Testimony that he gave at an Evangelicals for Life gathering. (

His testimony speaks about the dignity of each life, but also the importance of seeing God’s hand in the trials and sufferings we go through.

*What an incredibly sad mistake it would be for us to go through the hard seasons of our lives with our eyes closed and our ears covered, chanting false platitudes to ourselves and waiting for the storms to pass. Surely with that approach we can avoid a world of pain. But in doing so, we’d miss out on everything else in the process. And especially the main thing. As God has promised to be near to the brokenhearted.
It is better to have His presence by way of tremendous heartache then to have frivolity in the midst of spiritual oblivion. We ought to run to where it hurts and to where our heart break and perhaps encourage our children to do the same. God has promised to be in those places and I believe that is often why I am more aware of His presence in the children’s ICU than I am the church carnival.
Surely, He is in both places, but my heart is more acutely tuned to Him during the seasons of suffering and confusion often had with Pearl. In tagging along, saddled on the back of the presence of Christ, is a disproportionate amount of joy. Though not always a celebratory and surface one. it is sober and is a deeply sustaining joy.” Eric Brown

Pearl Joy was indeed a gift from the Father. She was a joy!

Pearl Joy Brown (July 27, 2012-March 29, 2018)

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