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My Story

  I am in the process of writing a book about my life.  I am doing so because the lessons learned during my lifetime  just might help you in some way. I hope to begin posting soon.   Do you … Continue reading

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Your friend, lanadee

ABOUT THE “YOUR FRIEND LANADEE WEBSITE”: Hello, welcome to my site! I am excited to once again have my own website 🙂   I did years ago.  At that time I focused mainly on telling my life’s story. I can tell you it wasn’t boring. … Continue reading

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Welcome Holy Spirit

I thought it only fitting to add the song “Welcome Holy Spirit” as my first post in Heaven’s Hymns. I am asking the Holy Spirit to please fill this website with His presence.  May His sweet anointing touch each one … Continue reading

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A “Mini Devotional – My first Post on my new Website :)

Once upon a time, a L O N G time ago my husband Michael and I served as Missionaries to the Navajo and Papago Indians. We are no longer serving as missionaries. We are no longer pastoring a church. But you cannot take the … Continue reading

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